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Dyslexia in the family and at school

Substance is a guide for parents

The primary objective of Ms Panteliadis and that version is the valid information of parents on specific learning disabilities and more specifically for dyslexia, as it provides scientifically substantiated answers, but couched in simple and clear way and focuses on recognizing, diagnosis but also in relations in the family and at school.

In other words, this is essentially a guide to understand the problems, empowerment and survival of parents and children with dyslexia.

The perception of the problem

The parent may suspect that their child might have dyslexia from preschool age, but especially after entering elementary school, when one finds it difficult to learn to read and write. Early Childhood, the main signs relating to linguistic performance and especially what is called phonological awareness, namely the child's ability to recognize from what voice starts a word, recognizing rhyming words in, to divide words into syllables and voices. Simply put, according to Mr.. Panteliadis, the main sign of dyslexia is the child's difficulty to play with lots of word. When the child goes to primary, We must respectively be careful if very difficult to learn to read and write, if avoids intensity reading, if you fail or replacing syllables and letters when reading and writing, or if very difficult to understand the meaning of the number.  After the B grade and larger classes, the parent will have to worry if the child reads at a slow and laborious way, if he makes many spelling mistakes, or if very difficult to write a simple text.

In each case, the parent should first be addressed to the teacher of the child and to share with him his concerns. also, should gather as much information on the performance and behavior of the child and then visited a public institution Diagnostic. Today, may apply to KEDDY, Mental Health Centers and medical centers in pediatric hospitals. Is important, wherever addressed, a public or private body, require a multidisciplinary evaluation and a detailed report on the results of the evaluation.

A dyslexic child may be a good student;

As he explains Ms. Panteliadis, Dyslexia is a diagnostic category strongly differentiated internally. In other words, children with dyslexia differ, not just the sovereign problems, but the severity of these problems. For children who have difficulties lighter, school success easier, while students with burdensome, It is more difficult. In each case, Nevertheless, if intervention is timely, from the beginning of the school course of the child, almost all students with dyslexia can achieve, as other students. Therefore, a dyslexic student, if it has received early intervention and has the appropriate support at school, can be a good student. besides, There are many examples of success at school dyslexic students.

When and how to talk to the child;

Ms. Panteliadis stresses that the most appropriate time to talk to a parent child for the difficulty is when you put the same question. questions like "Why the other kids read better than me;» or "I'm stupid;» It is the best opportunity for discussion. also, visiting diagnostic carrier or attendance at integration section is appropriate times to discuss the.

But before the talk, think if you yourself accept the difficulty of, Mrs recalls. Panteliadis. Subsequently, choose carefully when and where the talk, sure to be honest and explain the situation with understandable words. Recognize intelligence and abilities and help to understand how the different way in which he thinks affect school learning and performance. Give examples of famous people with dyslexia to boost your confidence. Be sure to find him some phrases or proposals which will explain to others the difficulties of. End, identify the possible negative feelings, tell him that you understand how she feels and prepare for multiple iterations of the same conversation. If, in any case, talk time in our child's difficulties and help to understand the, This will enhance the self-esteem and will do mentally resistant to any taunts.

As for his support at home, for which there are many practical tips in the book, This often exceeds the homework and also covers the organization of space and time of the child, and teaching specific skills. Nevertheless, we must not forget that every child, except student is child. So you need to learn, but also to play and rest.

The role of teachers

Ms. Panteliadis expresses its concern for the majority of teachers, who are not properly prepared to teach children with dyslexia. Particularly important is their ignorance of its contents, resulting not only fail to teach better, but often not to recognize and endorse the dyslexic children indifferent and lazy students. This ignorance is particularly common in secondary education, where sometimes teachers do not even accept the diagnoses of diagnostic public bodies. Sure, the negative consequences of the ignorance faced by students with dyslexia and in no way delay the rest of the class themselves. And of course, applies vice versa. Where suitably qualified teachers appropriately adapt the teaching to children with dyslexia, It is addressed to students with dyslexia and not to the whole class.

The numbers

The increase in diagnoses of children with specific learning difficulties is real in recent 20 years in our country, but by no means excessive, Mrs explains. Panteliadis. instead, compared with international epidemiological data, diagnoses of dyslexia in Greece are comparatively low. This means that probably there are still many children with learning difficulties are not recorded. What seems to us as soaring numbers are the result of long underdiagnosed previous years.

The refusal of parents

It is a fact that many parents find it difficult to accept the difficulties of their child, mainly because they do not understand. So, as Mrs highlights. Panteliadis, They perceive the suggestions of teachers as a class to themselves and as an attempt to transfer responsibility from teachers to parents. Nevertheless, it's up to teachers to convince parents, with appropriate arguments and how. If they want to sensitize them without scare, They should indicate the specific difficulties, but in an overall positive acceptance of the child context and effort pay themselves.

Ms. Panteliadis not believe that today's learning difficulties stigmatize family. Believes, Nevertheless, But that poses new challenges and explains that effectively manage these challenges within the family is possible to enhance the coherence and ultimately improve communication and emotional bonding of the members of. In this direction he hopes to help a specific driver. Because, characteristically mentions, the struggle of the parents is not a race, but endurance race!

The book of Suzanne PanteliadisΜαθησιακές Δυσκολίες. dyslexia- Οδηγός για γονείςκυκλοφορεί από τις εκδόσεις Πεδίο.

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