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The Greece celebrates the Assumption of the Virgin – The amazing our bond with the mother of Jesus

The Efestios miraculous image of Our Lady Ano Xenia, the Assumption
From August 1 the faithful, begin fasting which lasts until mid-August, which is for the Orthodox Christians 'Easter summer'……

The Assumption

Mural of Michael Feather and happy to Saint Clement of Ohrid

So the first of the month, starts preparing the Orthodox Christians to honor the mother of Jesus, and all people, the Blessed Virgin Mary, that in 15 August is celebrated the Assumption of.

Virgin Hodegetria

The Assumption It is one of the biggest celebrations of Christianity in Greece and celebrated from one end to the other with great pomp and reverence.

Virgin Glikofilousa

Thousands of believers with the soul full of hope and devotion, Make use of the countless shrines, where procession the miraculous images of the Virgin Mary to witness their faith in the face and to beg to intercede to her Son for the salvation of their souls, after, according to religious tradition, Mary just before the metastasis in Heaven promised that will not stop to care for the world and will become the "broker" to her Son for the salvation of mankind.

The Views of Our Lady – The race was sacred

The face of the Virgin but to the Greeks and has national importance, he has been linked with the struggles of the nation and so the Greek people honors and respects more than any other holy person.

The Iostefani, Iroploos and Smigopelagi Panagia

Η προστάτιδα των θαλασσών Παναγιά είναι για τους Έλληνες ναυτικούς «Ιοστέφανη και Ιροπλόος», for kyanemvoles endings of Laconia "Iostefani, Iroploos and Smigopelagi "and Kythira and Elafonissos" Iostefani, Iroploos, Smigopelagi and Nisostefani ".

Virgin Eleftherotria

This particular cult that the Greek people have for the Virgin seen by hundreds aliases of meaning, but also by the numerous shrines across the country.

Virgin Sinners Salvation

The rich our Greek language and the only religious tradition have worked over the years, with a sense of piety and great inspiration, giving the Lady of Greece amazingly names.

Virgin Platytera

The names of the Virgin

The history of the temples and their miraculous images, local traditions and customs, and the desire of each site to gain his own Panagia own separate entity gave, dozens of wonderful names in Virgin our country:

Axion Esti- Unwithering Rose -Amolynti- blossom- Asproforousa-Gorgoepekoos- see- praying- Dakryrooussa- Surety- Diakonikon-Thalassomachissa- Eleousa- Kosmosotira- life-giving- Mafromantilousa-Eleftherotria- Hliokali- Chryssopigi- Psychosostra- Panachrantos-Pandanassa- Chrysomallousa- Chrysavgi- Lady of the Angels- Katharotati Heart- ark- full of grace- Grigorousa- Athiniotissa- Lady-Xenia- Xesklavotra- Parigoritissa- conspicuousness- Faneromeni-Fotolampousa- Platytera- ESPHIGMENOU- Triherousa- Gerontissa- Pammakaristos- Zoodochos Source -Megalomata -Mafromata- Vrefokratousa-Myrovlitissa- Spiliani- Kanala- Ekatontapiliani- Paraportiani- the Tourliani- the Virgin Eikosifoinissa- the Agiogalousena- Chalkeon- the Agrelopousaina- the Proussiotissa- Hozoviotissa- Panagia Sumela- Virgin Agiassiliotissa- Virgin Archontopanagia rich and Virgin Eleimonitria- of Tsopanon- the Tourlomata- Virgin Keriotissa- Virgin Chrysiskalitissa- Virgin Sarantaskaliotissa-Virgin Laotsanissa- the Thalassitra-Bili-Virgin Galatiani- the Apeirthitissa- the Filotissa- Kera- Iostefani- Iroploos- Smigopelagi- Nisostefani- Panagia Myrtidiotissa- Panagia Orphan- Panagia Panagia Kastrinoi -the Mesochoritissa -the Panagia Ilariotissa- Panagia Mesosporitissa- Panagia Kontelettou- Angeloktisti- airy- Anafonitria- Visit- Trani- Chiliarmenitissa- Thalassomachousa- Unpolluted- Ypsilotera- Seat- Scale- Roof- Prayer -Episkepsis- Recourse- full of grace- Country Uncontainable- Mount Alatomiton-Psychosostra- Fairy tales- Parigoritria- Pafsolypi-Makellaria-domed -H Molyvdoskepasti- chiseled- Kremasti- Marmariotissa- Chrysokellaria, Chrysospiliotissa- Chrysogalousa-Chrysopodaritissas- Chrisocherias- Katapoliani- the Trooditissa- Raining-Augustinian- fifteen- Tritiani- Mesosporitissa- Gorgoupikoos-Eleistria- Giatrissa- Treatment- Health- Psychosostra- Tales-Parigoritria- Pafsolypi”

Virgin Eleousa

Every year the focus of the celebrations is the Virgin Mary of Tinos, which has a national character, since apart from the Virgin honored the memory of those who died in the torpedoing of the warship "Elli", by Italians, into the port on the day of the Virgin Mary, but in Vermio Imathias, where the Virgin of uprooted Pontian honored.

Our Lady of Tinos

Tinos – The nation's Lady

The image of the Virgin Mary was found in 30 January 1823, after many efforts and "to indicate the Virgin in nun Pelagia", the historic monastery of "Our Lady of the Angels", in Kechrovouni.

Celebration of the Virgin Mary Tinos

By Royal Decree of 1836, the celebration of the Virgin Mary was established in Tinos be eight days and lasts until the "novena of the Virgin", at 23 August, wherein in emotion atmosphere, piety and respect, chanted hymns and eulogies, in front of the bier and image.

Supplication to the Virgin Mary of Tinos

The road leading from the port to the temple of the Annunciation, wherein the image found, It is the greatest proof of the indissoluble relationship of Hellenism and Orthodoxy.

Panagia Faneromeni – Trachilas Sitia

Sitia – Faneromeni Monastery

The single Panagia Faneromenis Trachilas Sitia is on the edge of a steep region between the Cape Neck and Babak, west of Sitia. It is built in a green area in the small canyon of All Saints. In the gorge there are many caves, where they lived the hermits of the monastery.

The monastery of Panagia Faneromeni Trachilas Sitia

The Abbey today epitropefetai and operated by the Parish Skopje. Celebrates the feast of the Assumption, at 15 August, so many faithful flock from across Sitia.

The transfer of the miraculous image of Our Lady "Lady Faneromeni"

Touching is the eve of the Assumption transfer ceremony of the miraculous image of Our Lady, the so called "SunaAs Revealed ", the Parish Church of St. George purposes, where it is kept all year round, in Faneromeni Monastery, and return after the feast of the Assumption on the same site. Many pilgrims walk accompany the sacred image led by Priest Watchtower, the chanters, the cherubim and banners, Please chanting the Holy Theotokos and hymns Despina and Pantanassa world.

Saint Mary of Soumela

Imathia – One mouse from Athens

Panagia Sumela is a symbol of faith Pontic, although the first name of the miraculous image was Athiniotissa.

The image of the Virgin Mary Sumela painted by Luke the Evangelist. After his death took her to Athens the disciple Ananias and placed in beauteous church of the Virgin. Thus initially named as Virgin Athiniotissa. At the end of the 4th century (380-386 A.D.), according to tradition, Panagia Athiniotissa appeared as a vision to the monks Barnabas and Sophronius, in Athens, and invited them to church. There they saw the figure rise from his shrine, sticking out of the window and flies toward the heavens. Simultaneously, Mary heard the saying: "I go to the East. Ahead on Mount Mela. Follow me…». The monks followed her and Mount Mela, Pontus, where he stood, It built a large church and monastery. So the picture was named Sumela by "stou Mela '. The 1922, after the Asia Minor disaster, buried monks image, along with other relics. By sharing, the relics were granted and 1931 the dug up and brought to Greece, Ambrose the Soumeliotis. The image returned to Athens and remained at the Museum until 1951. Then, the Association «Panagia Sumela» Thessaloniki has proposed building a temple on the slopes of Vermio, Chestnut in Veria.

The Virgin in Mikrokastro Voio- Kozani

Mikrokastro Kozani – Kavala everything in church

Special is the celebration of the Assumption in the historic monastery of Panagia Mikrokastro, municipal Voio- Kozani. Every year thousands of faithful worship the image of the Virgin Mary, dating from 1603, while impressive revival of the custom of pilgrims riders from Siatista.

… bound for the Monastery of Our Lady of Mikrokastrou

The custom of riders pilgrims coming from the Ottoman Empire, when an opportunity for enslaved to show their bravery and their craving for freedom.


Paros – The Virgin with the 100 doors

The church of Panagia Hundred is located in Parikia, Paros. In the temple there are two names: "Katapoliani" and "Hundred Gates". According to tradition, the Katopoliani has ninety-nine evident doors, while the hundredth is closed and does not appear. This door will look and will open, when the Greeks take the City. Many traditions mentioned in the foundation of Hundred. The first tells that, when St. Helen mother went to Palestine to find the Holy Cross, He arrived in Paros and prayed’ a small temple that were in place Ekatontapyliani. During the prayer made a vow that if he finds the Holy Cross, will build in this place a great temple. The prayer has been heard. He found the Holy Cross and, making the vow of, erected the magnificent temple Ekatontapiliani. A second tradition says that the vow of Saint Helena completed her son Agios Konstantinos, Emperor of Byzantium, since she did not have.

"Snakes of the Virgin"

Kefalonia – The snakes of the Virgin Mary

In southern Kefalonia, near the village of Markopoulo, It is the church of the Assumption. There, the feast of the Transfiguration of the Savior (6 August) They displayed inside and outside the church small snakes. They are called "snakes of the Virgin". In this position, says tradition, there was an old monastery of Panagia, big and rich. When the monastery was attacked by pirates nuns not to fall into the hands they begged the Virgin Mary to make the birds, or snakes. So, like serpents, most holy, turning every year in early August, and as the days go multiply. On the eve of the Assumption "flood" the temple. According to tradition, if a year snakes did not occur, bad sign. This happened 1940 and 1953, when the island was tested by earthquakes.

Virgin Agiasos

Lesvos- Virgin Agiasos

In the hinterland of Lesvos, Ayiassos, the Assumption is a unique experience for everyone. The eponymous image is the work of an evangelist Luke, modeled in wax and mastic. Many of the pilgrims, starting from Mytilene, walking 25 kilometers to reach the churchyard, where overnight. On the day of the feast of Our Lady, after the operation, the procession of the image around the temple, while the festivities reach their climax with the musical and dance performances on the village square.

Our Lady of Mount Olympus

Karpathos – Our Lady of Mount Olympus

Different is the celebration Olympos Karpathos. Operations are deeply connected with mourning that characterizes the day of Assumption and the highlight of the traditional celebration is the dance that made the small square, front of the church of Our Lady, with musicians playing Kato Dance. The dance, slow and always at a constant pitch and devout mood, keeps for hours.

Virgin Hozoviotissa

Amorgos – The Hozoviotissa

Amorgos, on a cliff 300 measures stands the historic monastery of Panagia Chozoviotissa honored in 15 August. built in 1088 AD by the Byzantine Emperor Alexius’ Komninos, according to a sign of I. Monastery. Check on how the image in Amorgos there are two traditions: The first says that the image was found in a boat exactly where lies the current monastery. It is said that a picture placed one pious lady in a boat from the city Chozova Palestine and left to travel alone at sea, to escape from the hands of iconoclasts. The second version says that the miraculous icon brought in Amorgos monks from the monastery of Chotzeva Palestine, near to Jericho, who fled persecution from the iconoclasts. Passing from Cyprus monks stumbled upon robbers who desecrated, They cut in half and thrown into the sea image. The two pieces came miraculously below the Amorgou rock and combined alone to discern anything from the intersection. Others say they were bonded by the monks who continued their journey, They arrived in Amorgos and built the monastery in the place indicated by the Virgin Mary. Witness to this place was the chisel, which for centuries was wedged into the rock and fell 1952.

Virgin Spiliani

Nisyros – Virgin Spiliani

One of the most distinct and multi-day celebrations of the Virgin takes place on the island of Nisyros. Here is celebrated the Virgin of Niamero, starting at 6 August, Feast of the Transfiguration. This custom is dedicated to woman, as the black clad Enniameritisses (Women purveyor to Mary) take a leading role in the cult action. Installed at the site of the monastery of Panagia Spiliani located in the castle of the Knights, worship and clean the space and sacred vessels.

In fact, two parallel religious rituals conducted, the official church of the priests and priestesses of the informal Enniameritisses, following strict fasting, they do 300 prostrations every day and chant. On the day of the Assumption, at the end of operation, priests procession the image of the Virgin in the village to bless the feast.

the Enniameritisses, on the other hand, holding trays with boiled wheat and ahead, paving the way for the holy image. The feast starts when the image arrives in the village, the local dance "mug", songs and plenty of wine, while Enniameritisses withdrawn.

The Vangelistra Sporades

Skiathos – The Vangelistra Sporades

Smothered in green, at the head of the stream of Lechouni side and the sources of, location Agalianou, below the highest peak of Skiathou, the Karaflytzanaka, It stands the communal Holy Monastery of the Annunciation, the Monastery of the Annunciation or Vangelistra, like say islanders. The reconstruction of the monastery began in 1794 by a small group of Monks "Kollyvades movement", who were forced to leave Mount Athos, because of the turmoil that existed then to mark the day when it should normally be committed memorial services, Saturday that instead of Sunday and basic slogan returning to the ancient tradition of the Church. Thousands of pilgrims flock to the Assumption, where to stay the night becomes the output of the epitaph of Panagia, in a unique atmosphere of devoutness, under the touching melody of praise of Mary to sing together the islanders. A custom that is found in few parts of Greece. The monastery celebrates twice a year, at 25 March and 15 August.

The brocaded epitaph of Panagia

Patmos – The epitaph of Panagia

On the island of Revelation, Patmos, monks observe the custom of Epitaph of the Virgin, custom with Byzantine origins. The brocaded epitaph of Panagia wandering the streets of the island in a majestic procession, while the bells of the monastery and other churches ringing nonstop.

Notre Kato Koufonisi

Koufonisia – With the boats in Panagia

The Assumption celebrates Mary Kato Koufonisi. After the service offered food from the people and then they carried on boats that make fights about who would get another Pano Koufonissi.

Panagia Faneromeni village shells Andros

Man's – Panagia Faneromeni

The Faneromeni Castle is one of the most characteristic points in Korthi area, on a hill near the village of shells. Assumption here is the great feast at Panagia Faneromeni, inside the castle.

Lady Hanging

Rhodes – Lady Hanging

And in Rhodes worship, traditions and legends that accompany the Virgin arouse interest and admiration. Undoubtedly the most traditional festival of Panagia in Rhodes, is the festival of Kremasti.

Lady in Pyrgi Chiou

Pyrgi Chiou – Religious devotion and feast

Pyrgi there 50 churches. the Assumption, is the local festival that begins with religious events in the Virgin church and ends in the square, where they danced the "Pyrgousikos", dance fast and happy.

Church of the Assumption Thassos

Thassos – The table of the Virgin

Potatoes, rice, beef stew and includes lunch set out on a large table that gathers together all the faithful who have flocked to the Church of the Assumption, to Our Lady of Thassos, the village took its name from the Virgin. After the procession the image, accompanied by a large band, all gather in the churchyard, in order to flare up the party, with dances from all over Greece, appetizers and wine.

Lady in Zagorochoria

Zagoria – Ipirotika festivals to honor the Virgin Mary

Famous throughout Greece are the feasts of the Virgin Mary made in mid-August in Zagorochoria. In villages such as Vitsa Tsepelovo, events in memory of the Assumption is three days and offer the opportunity for endless feast with traditional dances mainland. While the first two days the party is open to all, the third and final day of joy and mirth, the first place are the locals, with local purposes and mainland dances.

The patroness of all Panagia……

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