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The effect, the narration of fairy tales, the eight kinds of children's intelligence!!

Has long overcome the perception that the intelligent and gifted man, It is one who has a high IQ……

now, when you are talking about a man with a developed intelligence, we need to know about what kinds of intelligence talk, which of the intelligence we refer.

The 1984 The developmental psychologist and professor at Harvard University, Ηoward Gardner, He argued that there is no intelligence, common to all people, for all cultures and all times.

Conversely, there are eight kinds of intelligence, each of which originates from a different portion of the brain.

The narrator Life Nikitaki μας λέει πώς μπορεί να συνδέεται η λειτουργία της αφήγησης των παραμυθιών με το ιδιαίτερο προφίλ της νοημοσύνης του παιδιού και την ανάπτυξη της πολλαπλότητάς του;

Fairy tales give children multiple stimuli, to effectively develop all aspects of their intelligence.

We know that what the child learns in the fifth year of age constitute the largest proportion of mental data for the rest of his life.

Neuroscience research of our last years say the amount, but the quality of stimuli we give children from the first age, not only the supply of knowledge, but create and synapses in brain cells, composing and creating the basis, which will store information for the rest of their lives.

During the telling of a tale required and grown more, if not all, child's intelligence types, which are the following:

1. linguistic or verbal intelligence
2. music / rhythmic intelligence
3. physical / kinesthetic intelligence
4. emotional or interpersonal intelligence
5. intrapersonal intelligence
6. spatial intelligence
7. naturalistic intelligence
8. logic / mathematical intelligence

1. Linguistic or verbal intelligence

Linguistic or verbal intelligence regards all verbal abilities of the human seated on the left hemisphere of the brain.

Manifested by sensitivity to spoken and written, the learning and ability to speak different languages ​​and use language to achieve certain objectives.

Intelligence has this poet, the writer, the orator, etc..

Clearly by telling tales of this kind is cultivated intelligence, children come into contact with the poetic and symbolic reason of fairy tales, the seemingly simple and allegorical language that is deeply poetic, like the spoken word of storytellers bygone eras.

…. "The child is looking for matches to light, to see, if he really has killed the beast, but it is.

Then, He sees a light and leaves to go thither to get matches, to turn nanapsei.

Where you go, meets an old woman wrapped a bobbin thread and tells:
- What are you doing here;
that responds:
- wrap the night to dawn.
The prince says:
- But I do not want to dawn, To anticipate to get fire!….» [1]

The child knows through tales treasure of our Greek language, poetry that hides but also the ability to understand through it the mysteries of existence, but also the mysteries of the universe, to capture the world, visible and invisible and create, like envisions.

2. Music / rhythmic intelligence

Music / rhythmic intelligence is mounted in the right brain hemisphere and contains the human ability to feel the rate, the sound is, the melody, the capacity for emotional expression through music, either as a composition or as shot.

However, The language can be defined as a simplification of music, he says the great musician and Sufi teacher Inagiat Khan.

The music hidden within the language, as the soul is hidden within the body. And the language of fairy tales have music and rhythm, such rate is that the composition of human same, such rate has Universe.

... "A golden eagle flew right of, TANGIBLE bumped waters, and disappeared on the horizon along with some fog lanes as if evaporated.

She closed her eyes and listened to the song of the sea:
Beyond Words
beyond reason
the country of non-existence is
the country of shadow and light
the country echo and illusion
the land of rivers, where people
They have lost river of life inside,
the river of life
the river of life is lost. ".... [2]

3. corporal / kinesthetic intelligence

The storyteller in the narrative speaks not only through reason, but also through the body of, the movements of his hands but also the entire body of.

His body storyteller broadcast the meaning of the stories, even someone for whom the language to express, is incomprehensible and so the stories and fairy tales can overcome the limits of language.

The kinesthetic intelligence is the ability of observation and imitation or representation of the observed event and mainly constitutes dramatic talent that feature actors, dancers, choreographers, mimes, storytellers, artists serving the art of performance, craftsmen, etc..

However, this observation and representation ability is a significant component in the child's learning process.

Through the telling of fairy tales provide the child the opportunity to develop his motor skills and express ideas, knowledge and feelings cooperatively with the brain, combining the concept with traffic.

Therefore it is important and stormed through the tale for actions that can mobilize, to cultivate and develop physical intelligence of the child, the ability of the body to work in harmony with the brain and with his help to solve problems.

4. Emotional or interpersonal intelligence

The emotional or interpersonal intelligence based on human ability to understand others and is mounted in the frontal lobe and the new cortex.

More specifically, It is to can distinguish every change in moods, the intentions and behavior of the people around him, even if these changes are not apparent.

It can be pointed out the purposes, the motives and interests of the people, their real needs and their specific gifts.

Masters, educators, charismatic leaders, actors, parents, psychologists, therapists, etc.. based on interpersonal intelligence.

And the storyteller having this intelligence, can diagnose in every moment of the show and sharing of stories, moods and needs of the public and accordingly adjust recounting tales of.

The storyteller can achieve through his art to transform some parts of the realities around him, even lead to equilibrium or restoring of a difficult mental condition or disease.

The child through tales learns to observe the behaviors of heroes, the hidden motives, the purposes, their truth, their creative potential.

Studying the behavior of the fairytale heroes, better understands himself, and the environment, obtain answers to questions can concern, to worry or to concern or fear.

The way the hero manages to overcome obstacles and realize his dream, activates the inner strength and courage of the child, the message is transmitted that can and it do it, to overcome all difficulties and obstacles as trials appear in life, as in fairy tales.

Alongside, activated and empathy to the child, the ability to enter into place and other people, to try to understand their needs, their desires and can cooperates, to synoneirefetai, to work, to co-creates.

The development of interpersonal intelligence through fairy tales help the child to control the selfish instincts and desires, be integrated more harmoniously in the peer group, its community school, etc..

5. The intrapersonal intelligence

The intrapersonal intelligence gives humans the ability to deepen and understand himself, to achieve Know thyself through the process of intron skaptein, endoscopy and endoparatirisis.

He who is endowed with such sharpened intelligence, can convey emotions with symbolic codes, have the skills of concentration, custody, of attention, high methodikotitas in thought, reading and understanding of the experiences of, external and internal, and especially those who feel.

And storyteller based on intrapersonal intelligence to understand the heroes of fairy tales narrated and sympathizes with the sufferings, the trials and adventures.

The storyteller is living in reality each one of these roles, the role of the king, the role of the poor but hard working tailor, the role of enormous giant sticks gold coins bumped to silver-green leaves of an olive, the role of the fish speaks manthropini voice and countless others.

Not only lends his voice to those heroes, but experiencing them through their feelings and experiences, hurts them, and rejoice.

Sometimes touched and maybe cry recounting a tale, as if telling his own life and pain inside, carrying the.

The storyteller has sharpened intrapersonal, and interpersonal intelligence and thus can maintain a spiritual and psychic field balance of traveling in paramythotaxidema acting somehow as a guide in the journey or as a healer.

So the child through the telling of fairy tales, he is given the opportunity to develop the interpersonal intelligence, to understand the people around him better understanding oneself.

Fairy tales can serve as a wonderful tool of self-knowledge that the child can lead to begin to understand hidden pieces of themselves, incentives, aims, feelings, thoughts, visions and ultimately achieve the desired every human being, which is none other than the initiation journey of the soul and knowledge of the Higher Self, the true essence of our being.

The hearing tales from a very young age, It helps the child to understand the inner life of every human being and thus develop the interpersonal intelligence, and to structure the mental balance.

And there lies the therapeutic use and operation of fairy tales, the fact that it can help man to reconnect with the core of its existence.

6. Spatial intelligence

The spatial intelligence related to man's ability to represent the area which faces into and is mounted in the right brain.

It helps him to observe an object or form and to create compositions, representing it in a precise way.

It consists in the ability:
- the active fanatasias
- good orientation in space
- manipulation of images for thinking and creation
- recognition of the relationship of objects and spaces
- the consideration of different perspectives

Observed that intelligence architects, painters, sculptors, artists, drivers, captains, inventors, etc..

Children with Spatial intelligence learning can best be thinking in pictures, They are the so-called visual memory, organize their thoughts in the space and form their ideas before writing.

They like to think in images and create.

Fairy tales and have an intense imagery, They give children the thought development field with pictures and of course a worthy educator or parent who is a seeker on the path of self-knowledge and wants to better understand himself and consequently his child, can contribute in some ways through the telling of fairy tales in the development of intelligence of the child's room.

7. The naturalistic intelligence

The naturalistic intelligence is to man's ability to recognize and classify the plant and animal kingdom.

Such intelligence feature botanists, biologists, the farmers, geologists, the chef, etc..

This intelligence can develop the children through their contact with nature, with tasks related to the observation of natural phenomena, collecting herbs, the land, etc..

In folk tales magically children in contact with nature.

There the birds speak, trees sing, fish dancing, animals advise, sea ​​trips to knowledge calls for untold speaks.

The tales were made by people of past times who had not yet lost the connection with nature and the elemental entities, They could hear the voice of the trees, animals and birds, who connected with their inner voice, and they could hear the voice of the worlds rounds.

So the child through the tales convey the sensitivity of the natural environment and understand how and stone has a soul and the tree loves the bird creates the sound of a world and a reality transforms.

8. arithmetic / logical intelligence

arithmetic / logical intelligence relates to the ability of inducing production and problem analysis, by performing mathematical operations, handling mathematical symbols and numerical relations, the implementation of scientific research, the series of retention details in memory.

philosophers, mathematicians, accountants, developers, detective have such intelligence.

Children who have developed the numerical intelligence learn better through numbers and logical thinking and seeking the cause and effect to every problem.

The educational systems of most Western countries supported the development mainly of arithmetic / intelligence logic and secondarily growing a small part of linguistic intelligence and there lies and their failure, because neglect other forms of child intelligence, thus not contributing to unfold the rainbow of talents child, to cultivate and develop the full creative potential, with whom he has come to life.

Fairytales contribute to enhanced learning and development of most aspects of multiple intelligences of children.

And it is certain that during a storytelling cultured language, music, physical / kinesthetic, the snaisthimatiki or interpersonal and intrapersonal intelligence of the child, aspects neglected by modern schools and so the child shrinks, limited and crushed on the development of mental agony and soul into field.

Let us bear in mind and heart, and let's not forget that the aim is through our education is full development and cultivation of the whole psychospiritual material, with which we have been equipped and the upliftment and development of our consciousness to higher levels of the material.

for this, and fairy tales, as legends from the rich treasure of our cultural and intellectual heritage should occupy an important place in education and in our schools, since emferoun secret keys to understanding the mysteries of our existence, but also of the mysteries of the world and the universe.

The human soul also, as so aptly expressed by Rudolf Steiner, need substance tales flow into the, as the body needs nutrients to flow through his veins.

The human soul needs joy beyond the walls of the world ...

"Blind soul, Arming with the torch of the Mysteries, and in the terrestrial night thanakalypseis your bright identical, your sublime soul. Follow this divine guide, and it is your spirit. Because it holds the key of the past and your future lives " [3]

[1]. Louis Roussel, "Tales of Mykonos", diligence: P. Kousathanas, versions Municipality of Mykonos and Indiktos [2]. life Nikitaki, "Fairy tales for our hearts the truth", Konidari versions [3]. Book of the Dead, "Great Initiates" ES. swarm, ed. Cactus

Let's meet Life Nikitaki
Life Nikitaki studied classical philology at the Philosophical Faculty of the University of Athens, studied with the painter - engraver, Battle Dimopoulou and workshop Tassos Rigas.
Occasionally attended seminars on pedagogical and artistic themes, as the costume, construction doll, etc.. He worked for many years with much love and care as a philologist in the tutorial education. From 2006 until the 2014 He worked at the Museum of Greek Folk Art as a museum educator and illustrator designing and implementing daily educational programs for children.
He has implemented seminars on the art of storytelling, therapeutic and educational function of fairy tales to teachers, psychologists and educational and preschool students. Also has implemented tale workshops for children.
Focuses on the therapeutic effect and operation of fairy tales and considers that the narrative is an operation for power transmission, an initiation process for the journey of the soul and the evolution of consciousness. They tell tales to children and adults who still dream ...

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