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The effects of climate change hinder aircraft in the takeoff

Rising temperatures due to climate change will make it more difficult to take off for many aircraft around the world in the coming decades……
The planes in Greece longer need longer runways to take off, due to climate change and global warming, as the increasingly warmer air and winds with lower speeds near the ground difficult aircraft to get up from the ground.

This shows a new study -the first of its kind internationally- held at Greek airports and in which perhaps the airlines required in the future to reduce the number of passengers or their fuel, so that the planes reduce and take off more easily. Alternatively, companies may be forced to curtail their operations, avoiding longer airports with short runways (B.C. in small islands) – which will have consequences on tourism and general.

Researchers from Greece and Britain, led by Professor, Democritus University of Thrace Spyros Rapsomaniki, responsible of the Unit of Environmental and Network Technologies and Applications (PEDITE) the "Athena" Research Center, Professor Paul Williams of the University of Reading and associate professor Guy Graz University of Cranfield, made the notice published in the journal «Climate Change» (Climate change).

Air transport contributes significantly to emissions of "greenhouse gases" and new research shows that, in turn, climate change is already having repercussions on flights, something that will become even more noticeable in the future.

The study focused on data for takeoffs ten Greek airports two types of aircraft, passenger Airbus A320 standard medium, and the smallest Havilland DHC8-400. It was found that the maximum takeoff weight for the Airbus A320 decreased on average by 0,12% from the time 1988 which was launched, until the 2017, while for DHC8-400 the average reduction in the maximum weight that enables takeoff, it was 0,02%. Both aircraft are gaining height less quickly after takeoff, as the years go by.

In some Greek airports, as Chios (a runway length 1.511 meters), at 30 years 1988-2017 the maximum permissible weight of the A320 fell by almost 4.000 pounds, weight which is equivalent to 38 passengers with luggage or distance for fuel 1.300 km.

The distance needed to travel the A320 to take off from a Greek airport, It has increased by an average 2,7 meters (0,15%) annually, while at the DHC8-400 1,5 meters (0,1%) time. In total, between 1988-2017 length of runway necessary for take-off of the A320 increased by at least 80 meters, and in some cases almost 100 meters.

"Reducing the number of passengers will clearly have a negative impact on the financial results of airlines. Reducing aircraft fuel will limit the distance they can travel. The option to extend the runways to increase the take-off speed, means that some tourist havens will be filled with even more asphalt. No solution is not attractive, but we might have to resort to them in the future, unless climate change is limited ", said Williams.

Another study in the past had shown that climate change will increase the frequency and intensity of turbulence during flight

Airports with shorter runways, in warmer parts of the world or at higher altitudes, where the air is already thinner, most affected. But the consequences could be mitigated by new engine designs or vessel or extension of runways,

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