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The guidelines MOF to certified appraisers objective property values

Guidelines for the new objective values ​​on properties are prepared to provide the Ministry of Finance officials to certified appraisers who will bear the relevant project……

The creation of a new framework for objective values ​​is, the economic team, one of the major structural interventions in the economy, and the same issue is high on the agenda and the institutions under the supervision metamnimoniakis Greece.

In this context epikaropoiisi objective values ​​to real estate is one of the key components of the fifth metamnimoniakis evaluation has essentially been launched.

Regarding the objective values ​​the government is committed against the institutions that:

– will extend the objective system of determination of property values ​​in some 3.000 areas. This is primarily for areas that have been developed residential or tourist tax, but treated as off-plan and settlement, ie with low values ​​of parcels. By joining them in the objective system will significantly increase the taxable matter to them and to give financial room for further reduction of ENFIA

– will be aligned with the objective commercial property values. In practice this translates into increases in the price band at about 4.000 areas of the country, mainly urban and coastal islands and in mainland Greece

– will change the way of determination of objective values ​​by creating a permanent updating their device. The mechanism will operate with feed rates from multiple sources, such as trading, the half-mast networks etc..

Με τον δημοσιονομικό χώρο που θα προκύψει από την επικαιροποίηση των αντικειμενικών αξιών και τη σχετική διεύρυνση της φορολογικής βάσης, The Finance Ministry intends to review property taxation.

This will consider interventions ENFIA and capital taxation, such rates and levels of transfer taxes, inheritance etc.


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