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The KDEPPAM highlights the contribution of Mary Inglesi in the development of post-Byzantine and modern Greek painting

Μια Μυκονιάτισσα πρωτοπόρος ζωγράφοςεπιστρέφει” in her house.

Maria Igglesi (1882-1942) was one of the leading painters of the twentieth century was born at Mykonos. Thanks to a wealthy and cultured family, acquired special education for the season with her sister Irene, the later wife of poet John Grypari…..

initially studied in Tinos French school of the Monastery of the Ursulines and then watched in Athens especially painting courses close to Professor of the School of Arts Vincent Bokatsiampi.

The 1907 He settled in Rome, where he remained until 1914 and attended painting classes at the Academy of Fine Arts, in an intensely still male-dominated artistic society.

It remained for long periods in Italy, He traveled and lived a life beyond the stereotypes imposed by the age and the gender constraints.

There was frequent correspondent of "Gallery" magazine and represented our country, together with renowned artists first International Exhibition in Rome 1911.

She had a strong visual presence, both abroad, and Athens with constant reports in the halls of Literary Society "Parnassos".

In painting adopted the Impressionist movement, But very quickly the touch of acquired a more strongly expressionistic writing.

In painting adopted the Impressionist movement, But very quickly the touch of acquired a more strongly expressionistic writing.

The work of Mary Igglesi should be measured not only in terms of artistic value, but as the result of a personality which, acquired business relationship with painting, and lived a life, wanting to join in an international cosmopolitan environment.

The Municipal Gallery of Mykonos' Maria Inglesi ", It presents to the public the work of a separate personality, aiming to bring its contribution to the history of Greek art, which until now remained in obscurity.

curated : peace Savvani, Art Historian.
Municipal Gallery of Mykonos "Maria Inglesi"
Exposure Time: From 23/8 until 20/9/2019
Inauguration : 23 August 2019 at 20: 30
Organization : K.D.E.P.P.A.M.

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