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Η Μύκονος στην εκπομπήDestinos Del Mundo” Latin America [Video]

The tourist product of the island, including selected accommodation, Restaurants, bar, shops, yachting and diving companies etc., presented in travel show Destinos Del Mundowhere….. transmitted from the leading travel television station Acustik TV purchased the Travel Channel Mexico and attracted millions of viewers from Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru Panama, El Salvador, Panama, the most robust US states like New York, California and Illinois as well as in Spain and Portugal.

Here the link from the show trailer:

In the show advantages include strong social media and the broad number of episodes over four repetitions annually, which multiplies the effectiveness of the display of the destination. Emissions will be completed in the first place next Sunday and is expected to re-projected to other partner channels in Latin America.

Travel arrangements undertaken by MTC GROUP in cooperation with the municipality and tourism professionals in Mykonos, on-site care of the company's consultants and representative corporate relation manager Costas Skagias.

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