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ND announced 8 young and indestructible candidates for national elections - Who are

As stated in SW, these never before candidates have no claim to vote for their entry into parliament….

Eight new candidates ND announced for national elections.

It's about:

  1. Professor of NTUA Tonia Moropoulou which belonged to the leadership of the student movement against the dictatorship,
  2. the journalist Babis Papadimitriou,
  3. the journalist Constantine BOGDANOU and
  4. the journalist Dimitris Markopoulos,
  5. the player of the golden national team 2004 Takis Fyssas,
  6. architect Anthony Giannikouri with extensive experience in Business Administration,
  7. the economist Christina Tsiligiri which has been specializing in Sports Business Organization and has been actively involved in the amateur and Olympic
  8. the expert in public administration Rena Vassilakis who has served for years on the Southwest faction.

ND indicate that these never before candidates have no claim to vote for their entry into parliament.

As they say in SW "Kyriakos Mitsotakis the message that he wants to unite all Greeks in the common effort to make Greece a brighter place, symbolize the first eight deputies candidates names with different ideological origins and distinct professional action announces ND today after the announcement of national elections ".

Indeed particularly stand in Tonia Moropoulou which, as stated, He has remembered all as the voice of the Polytechnic uprising. Specifically, Ms. Moropoulou like Mr. Giannikouris will be candidates in the Dodecanese, Babis Papadimitriou and Rena Vassilakis will descend on South Sector B’ Athens, K.. Mpogdanos in A’ Athens, Rep. Markopoulos and Christina Tsiligiri in B’ Piraeus, while Takis Fyssas in the Eastern Sector of the Region of Attica.

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