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Road tourist arrivals were the 29% of the total arrivals

In 8,8 million was, the number of travelers went by road to our country 2018, corresponding to 29% from 30,3 million inbound travelers in total (except cruising). this refers, including,….. the new study INSETE about the prospects of the incoming road tourism in Greece 2019.

Regarding the details of the first half of this year, road arrivals lagging all months. The total reduction amounts to 536.000 or 12% compared with the first half of 2018. The picture however is not uniform, as there are differences by country and border station recorded journeys of visitors. For example, arrivals from Albania have returned from May to positive rates, while Bulgaria is firmly negative double change from the beginning of the year. also, arrivals from North Macedonia were positive in April and June and negative in the remaining months, while arrivals from Turkey though had a negative start, They returned to positive rates from March.

According to the study, a feature of the tourists who come by car in our country is the ability they have to change or choose to go at the last minute, without employing the charged costs such as airfare. Hence, the economic climate in the respective markets, It is decisive for holiday options that will make their inhabitants.

The study focuses on macroeconomic developments of the principal markets with road access in Greece, recording the basic macroeconomic data influencing travel behavior: GDP, exchange rates, Economic Sentiment Indicator, Unemployment index.

The recording is done for 6 biggest tourist markets who come by car. Representing more than 90% road arrivals in Greece and contributed 11,4% receipts of incoming tourism to Greece 2018. These markets are Balkan: Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Albania, Northern Macedonia. Alongside, country, data are given for outbound tourism from that country and the comparative position of Greece between different destinations, but also the importance of the country in incoming tourism in Greece and the main destinations which are visited by each country.

particularly, economic developments in Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Northern Albania and Macedonia, show a positive image in recent years. The unemployment rate has been decreasing since 2012 or too low. The currencies of Serbia and Albania have appreciated against the Euro, a development that can positively affect the demand for holidays, while Northern Macedonia and Romania remain at similar levels to last year and Bulgaria has fixed exchange rate with the Euro. also, the expected GDP growth rate for 2019 moved between 3% and 4% to all countries. Nevertheless, the index of the economic climate, although it is stable at high levels, in recent months following the international trends and have downward trend in Serbia, Bulgaria and Northern Macedonia and has stabilized in Romania.

Moreover, is the negative image of Turkey's economy, showing deterioration of all the above indicators (devaluation of the Turkish lira, gradual increase in unemployment, significant deterioration of the economic climate, expected drop in GDP for the 2019).

Regarding the position of Greece in the outbound tourism market in the examined 2017, indicated that all is in the first position of the main tourist destinations, except the Romanian market which has the second position after Hungary, maintaining positions that had the 2016.

The picture is similar with regard to Mediterranean destinations, with Greece being in all markets in the first position of the main destinations.

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