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The Region of South Aegean support island communities on the issue of the installation of wind power plants

Environmental Impact Study,  for the installation of wind power stations in Naxos, Paro, Tinos and Andros

The president of the Regional Council Southern Aegean Mr.. Costas Bizet, states in all directions that are not allowed anyone to question the intentions, attitude and a lot more decisions of the South Aegean Region in question plaguing recent years the islands of Naxos, Paros, Tinos and Andros, installation of wind power stations, and after the approval given by the competent ministry, ignoring the decisions of the government institutions and the wishes of the islanders.

At this point in the interest of our country is imperative unity of our forces,  to prevent unfavorable developments at the expense of the natural environment, that threaten the sustainability of our islands .  Let us not forget that our islands are world tourist destinations and consequently the tourism economy feeder for the survival of their inhabitants. Any intervention on the slopes and the mountains will irreversibly alter the island landscape.

The South Aegean Region , the second level of local government,  is companion in the struggle of local actors ( Municipalities-Associations- citizens ) unwilling installing wind turbines in the above four islands, as this would result in the conversion of protected landscapes of outstanding natural beauty which are parallel and tourist destination, in industrial areas.

To avoid any possible questioning of attitudes and positions of the South Aegean Region, we list the following events:

a) At 9 November 2011, Regional Council ( decision 121/2011 ) She decided to have a negative opinion on the Environmental Impact Study (EIA) of projects: "Wind Power Station (ASPIE)…..», islands Naxos, Paro, Tinos and Andros, total maximum output power 316,7 MW and installed power 322 MW». Negatives were also consulted and Municipalities: Paros to decision arithm.378 / 2011 Naxos to No.. 303/2011, Tinos to No.. 246/2011and men with No.. 205/2011.

b) At 23 December 2013 Energy Environment Minister & Climate Change Mr.. C. Maniatis ( appointing authority: VLNG0-E3CH, a.p.172568 ) decided to approve the environmental conditions for the construction and operation of the project : "Wind Power Station ( ASPIE ) total power 218,5 MW ( 95 A / C ) and associated to this project on the islands Naxos, Paro, Tinos, Andros and the Cyclades interface Transmission Line 150 KV Wind energy to substation Pallini , Attica.

c) At 25 January 2014, Regional Council ( decision 1/2014) He decided to authorize the Regional Director to sign an application or any other legal document required, to assist municipalities, who having a legitimate interest will appeal officially to revoke a positive decision 23.12.2013 Environment Minister. Maniatis on the installation of RES. in these islands.

d) At 25/10/2014 was held, in the hall of the cultural association "ARCHILOCHOS" Paros, workshop for wind turbines.

The conference conclusions end up as follows :                                            

«…. It is obvious that if taken together all of the above in any case should not allow the installation of wind farms in such a delicate ecosystem such as the islands of the Cyclades and of course not meant in the name of environmental protection to destroy, after all, a delicate piece of, which is one of the most important parts of our natural and cultural heritage " .

e) At 18 December 2014 Energy Environment Minister & Climate Change Mr.. C. Maniatis ( appointing authority: VDL200-NFD, a.p.177360 ), after finding that the contested decision to request cancellation of lacking legal status, withdrew and adopted a new decision , similar in content and decided to adopt again the environmental conditions for the construction and operation of the project : "Wind Power Station ( ASPIE ) total power 218,5 MW ( 95 A / C ) and associated to this project on the islands Naxos, Paro, Tinos, Andros and the Cyclades interface Transmission Line 150 KV Wind energy to substation Pallini , Attica.

f) At 12 February 2015 ( decision 52/2015 ) the Economic Commission of the South Aegean Region unanimously decided the judicial authority to cancel the decision of the ministry for the wind parks Naxos, Paros, Tinos and Andros. particularly, decided, the South Aegean Region, together with the municipalities of Naxos, Paros, Tinos and Andros to assign a legal office in Athens a joint submission to the Council of State, request cancellation of the decision of the ministry, approving the environmental wind farm installation conditions, the islands of the South Aegean Region, Naxos, Paro, Tinos and Andros. The remedy is to appeal to the District Council of State for annulment of the decision approving the Environmental Impact Assessments of former Minister PEKA Mr.. Maniatis

With the above decisions of the Regional Council of South Aegean and the Economic Commission of the South Aegean Region, it is clear that the South Aegean Region supported from the outset the efforts of municipalities , our bodies and citizens in order to annul a decision that has to do with the environment, culture and preservation of the natural nobility of these islands.

The President of the Regional Council Mr.. Costas Bizet would like to thank publicly the South Aegean regional governor Mr.. George Hatzimarkos, the Deputy Head and all Regional Directors who recognize the distress of the inhabitants of the four islands ( Paro, Naxos, Andros, Tinos ).

* Kostas jewelery is Chairman of the Regional Council of South Aegean

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