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Pollutants from cruise ships endanger the health of residents of tourist destinations

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Jeopardizing the health of residents of tourist destinations of the cruise ship emissions.

Fifty thousand people about, lose each year their life from ship exhausts, according to the EU…..

Atmospheric contamination with sulfur oxide from the cruisers, according to new study, It is to demonstrate the major environmental problems that exist, the floating states endangering the health of millions of inhabitants 'famous' tourist ports. The EU estimates that around 50.000 people lose each year their lives from the exhaust gases generally emit ships

Cruise ships operating in Europe pollute the atmosphere with multiple sulfur than,what all private cars. the old continent, according to research conducted by the Transport and Enviroment published 4 June 2019,

Noted in the analysis-research companies that are giants cruise ships which emit four to 10 times more sulfur in the atmosphere than,what all private cars in Europe whose number amounted to 260 million based on the data of 2017.

Spain, Italy, Greece and from nearby France and Norway are the countries most vulnerable to air pollution with sulfur oxide called Sox from cruise. The ports with the biggest problem is Barcelona, Palma, Venice, followed by Sivitavekia near Rome and Southampton.
"These countries are so vulnerable because they are an essential cruise destination but also because they have more lenient standard for use in fuel sulfur content 'refers to research.

As noted by industry analysts "large cruise ships are floating cities that meet their energy needs with fuel heavily pollute the atmosphere".

also, big contamination by oxides of nitrogen, Nox, that is particles in the exhaust gas generated by combustion in the engine compartment of the vessel. Cruise ships emit 15% compared to those emitted by ix Europe. The survey indicates that in European cities, such as Marseille found 57 shedding the cruise 2017 NOx amount corresponding to the 25% the city LXI totaling the RIP 340.000 IX.

The same happens in countries such as Norway ports, Denmark, Greece, Croatia and Malta.

The measures taken by the European states is considered necessary by the research authors who bring as an example the status of Baltic in Norwegian fjords and the Channel. Called "emission control areas-emission control areas (ECAs) and they have been in force for two years. Ships calling specific areas required burn fuel only 0,1% sulfur.

Health checks carried out in the fuel tanks of ships calling of these zones are unannounced and thorough and put fines touched by more than 100.000 offenders.
"The controls are strict. All companies obey and pass on the cost of using expensive fuel with 0,1% sulfur content to consumers, "says the« business stories »strain cruise. Recently a large cruise company approached Venice fined who exceeded if a million euros for air pollution while prosecutions were brought to the captain and the first engineer that the way and the reactions caused by the maritime workers unions withdrawn.

According to international surveys, a single cruiser weight 50.000 tons emitted into the atmosphere, per engine operating time, proportion of suspended particles equal to that emitted 50.000 cars, moving at 130 km / h, Respectively, transmitting nitrogen monoxide corresponding to 45.000 cars and carbon dioxide equal to that emitted 7.000 IX. It is estimated that international maritime transport contributes to global warming by 2,7%.

Last September a report in the Telegraph newspaper described as a significant risk of emissions from the smokestacks of cruise.

The report cited research specialist in atmospheric pollution which was supported by the Greek Orthinologiki Company and the German NGO NABU Organization.

According to the research, emissions were found to be up 17 times higher than even a busy street with cars.

"We have found concentrations of 340.000 microparticles per cubic centimeter, when on a busy road we would find 20.000-30.000 microparticles per cubic meter, "stated Alex Friedrich citing measurements made on two consecutive days a week our.

The Fritnrich delivers air pollution on cruise ships which can legally burn heavy oil without a filter exhaust systems.

The German NGO argued in a previous investigation that cruise ship passengers can inhale up 60 times more harmful elements than,what they would in natural air conditions.

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