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Wisdom, Strength and Love, is a triangle must be Equilateral!!

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from’ others or perhaps because they want with all their heart to help others, eventually fail and let themselves be forgotten left behind…..

  • but sympathy, not mean commiserate!!
  • Love, does not mean I become a victim!!
  • The sacrifice, it must be suicide!!

Besides, what would be the point if he who hastens to help is not stronger;

If instead grab another from the quicksand and dropped himself into;

Everyone should weigh the strengths and feelings.

  • Wisdom and Power and Love is a triangle must be Equilateral!!

Otherwise what outweighs the other would create a problem.

If predominates Sophia, perhaps makes man polymath pointless and arrogant.

If overly dominant Love, perhaps makes him vulnerable to himself and each victim appetites.

If precedence over the Force, then maybe make him hard and to himself and others.

Παν μέτρον άριστον all balance and forces to enable man to be beneficial and useful to himself and to others.


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