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The Four Suggestions – Intervention by POMIDA, to reduce ENFIA

The POMIDA (Hellenic Property Federation), by letter to the Finance Minister Christos Staikouras, lists 4 proposals for fair, short and real reduction of ENFIA……

The POMIDA, After giving congratulations to Mr.. Staikouras the inauguration then communicate its proposals

The 4 POMIDA proposals to reduce ENFIA

  1. For the good of our National Economy ENFIA reduction must begin with the, at least progressive, removal of the additional tax, which multiplies unreasonable tax burden. A simple reading of the studies IOBE you will confirm.
  2. Until done perceived by all, reducing ENFIA to be fair should apply an equal rate for all taxpayers, ie without exclusion of older victims.
  3. The reduction must begin immediately and be completed as soon. We propose the most obvious and practical approach, without evil "algorithms" and "cutters", i.e. the reduction is spread over 10% for 2019 (with the statements that will be issued next month) and the rest 20% for 2020, for all.
  4. This reduction should in no case be undone by objective values ​​increases, which will lead to increase the tax burden on owners and make gift - adoro limiting ENFIA.

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