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ND candidates, in all of Greece – List all names

Its candidates throughout the country just announced ND, as time counts down for the parliamentary elections 2019….

The radical renewal of the New Democracy promised Kyriakos Mitsotakis is practical with today's announcement of 419 candidates of deputies, who will claim a place in the new parliament that will emerge from the elections of July 7.

Six out of ten candidates are new faces

Six out of ten candidates are new faces that have never previously been involved in the central political scene and will be the first time you claim the Greek vote in national elections.

In practice, indeed, this renewal is even more impressive.

This is because if excluded 78 Current members of the Southwest which assert their reelection, from the 341 'Others' candidates, the 243 -namely 72%- They had never previously claimed the vote of citizens in the national parliament.

43 Candidates from the Registry of Executives

Is of particular importance that 43 Candidates from the Registry of Executives. That innovative initiative implemented Kyriakos Mitsotakis immediately after his election as president of the Southwest, addressing public policy collusion invitation to persons who had never previously dealt with active politics.

Half of the candidates are under 45 years

The renewal is practice and age. 139 is less than the candidates 45 years.

indeed 67 of them belong to the generation of 30aridon, while 12 born in the 90s, that is not even close 30 their years.

The average age of all candidates are 49 years, while ND is the first party that absolutely consciously exceeded even the mandatory gender quota, as the 43% candidates are women.

In some regions it is the first time that there is a perfect balance (50%-50%) candidates between the sexes.

Candidate in West Athens, B’ Piraeus and Achaia Mitsotakis

Recall finally that Kyriakos Mitsotakis who as party leader is entitled to be a candidate in three regions, has selected West Athens, B Piraeus and Achaia which was one of the few areas of the country, where ND was not first in the recent European elections.

See the entire list of ND candidate

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