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Ideas for decorating, Summer with refreshing air!!

How is the last year's holidays; One week; half month; Do not leave any from home; No problem!! Is there a way to bring summer…..

on your site and get into the holiday mood even at home, where -oso though loxokoitazete to sea-…..

….you will spend most of the most beautiful season of the year, in which we try to create a small summer retreat ….

With minor changes and decorative touches, you can make your summer home ... and to "fly above you," the heavy mood of winter.

*Μεταμορφώστε το κεφαλάρι του κρεβατιού σας

Add color, giving summer feel to your main bedroom furniture. Paint the headboard of the bed or "dress" it with a color that strongly reminiscent of summer!!

*Προσθέστε εξωτισμό με λίγα μαξιλάρια

bright blue, bright red, possible white, are colors that make the difference summer. Add them to your living room with this color pads, or pads have colored details!!

*Ενσωματώστε «ευρήματα» από τις διακοπές σας

That ceramic vase Siphnos, large balsa that you find on the beach, seashells picked your last year's vacation or exotic souvenir of a long journey that previously made will bring in your place the travel note that renews your daily.

*Αλλάξτε το «καπέλο» στα φωτιστικά σας

Lampshade, fixtures, lamps can be easily changed 'disposal' to the summer ... more, if you just change "hats" with their brighter, floral colors, materials mentioning in summer!!

*Bring the outside inside ...

The staircase in the garden, painted to indicate manicured vintage, a watering can and a jar or more, with flowers, They give the feeling of a garden in your living room, where you can place as decorative or even as… bookcase or rack, to feel closer to nature.

*Make curtains ... summer

In the first place, it's time to download the heavy dark curtains that was crowned in the living room over the winter and hang lighter, allowing more light at home. But what will make the summer even more "landscape" of the living room is if you hang with the help karavoskoinou!!


There is more summer picture a hammock that cradled… defiantly; and yet, The hammocks are not just for the gardens and camping: See how it can be incorporated in the interior of your home.

*Καλοκαιρινό πάρτι στην βεράντα

Bring on the terrace, balcony or garden atmosphere loose summer party, investing in simple highchairs in pop colors, a white table where you can enjoy homemade cocktails with friends, beautiful touches, as the lights in bars in the above photo and tidy glastroules. In other words, as you move the focus of the house from the inside living out ...!!

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