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Insular Policy - Plakiotakis: "The support of the islanders and our islands, it is a national issue "

Strong financial tools for the development of the islands
An important breakthrough for the formulation of a modern island policy framework is the bill for an integrated maritime policy in the island area, which was introduced today for discussion in the Production and Trade Committee of the Parliament and is expected to be discussed in the Plenary next week.……..

With this bill, the occasional intermittent interventions, give their place to a new holistic approach to insularity through which the institutional obligation of the state for training is introduced., with clear and measurable indicators - targets, both in national, as well as at regional level and promote specific regional island development policies.

For the first time, This strategy refers to the total available resources that can be utilized and includes specific financial tools for the development of our islands.

particularly, bill creates three new financial tools to support critical public works, supporting the island entrepreneur and promoting innovation in blue economy businesses.

These financial instruments have names "Nearchos Program", "Island Entrepreneurship Financing Program" and "Maritime - Blue Economy Fund".

– The "Nearchos" program, provides for the financing of public projects in the sectors: port infrastructure, infrastructure and water management-transmission and distribution networks, energy management, maritime transport.

The actions of the "Nearchos" program will be financed by the Deposits and Loans Fund, through investment loans. The servicing of the loans and the coverage of the expenses will be done through an account set up in the Deposits and Loans and will be financed by the national or the co-financed part of the Public Investment Program or by the NSRF.

– The "Island Entrepreneurship Financing Program", with resources from the NSRF and the PDE, will meet the needs of very young, small and medium-sized enterprises located in island regions of the country with an emphasis on supporting operating costs to maintain their viability.

– The "Maritime-Blue Economy Fund", through national and European resources, (PIP, NSRF), aims to promote innovative entrepreneurship in the field of Maritime Economy and Blue Growth, with emphasis on shipping technology sectors, shipping and shipbuilding equipment, application development and technology use, IT and communications in these areas.

Referring to the bill, the Minister of Shipping and Island Policy, Mr.. John Plakiotakis emphasized the following:

"I am just happy to be here, as, after systematic effort and extensive consultation, I propose today a draft law that changes the data in the way the Greek State approaches the islands and the islanders, which I want to assure you is by no means another exercise on paper.

For its drafting we worked closely with representatives of the first and second degree local government and productive and social bodies.. We have been implementing it for a year now 14 Regional Dialogues and we gave way to 327 social partners and organizations we invited for this purpose.

This is a bill that is at the heart of the political perception and approach of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and the New Democracy government., as it serves :

– The practical recognition of the national importance of island Greece.

– The need for reforms and cuts for the benefit of society and the economy.

– The priority given by the government to the organized development of our islands.

– The mandatory adoption of policy-making tools.

– Ensuring the implementation of this policy with specific financial tools.

– The constant control, evaluation and monitoring of implementation, through targeted tools.

– Transparency and accountability.

This bill is not just a legislative intervention. Recommends a new one, composed, and an effective way for the development of our islands.

An effective intervention that gives meaning and content to insularity with specific means and funding tools.

A functional strategic plan that will help improve his quality of life 15% of the population of the country, who lives on our islands.

According to the instructions of the Prime Minister, the implementation of what is foreseen begins immediately after its vote, so that we soon have the first tangible, positive results for island societies.

The support of the islanders and our islands, it is not a matter of a government, or a Party. It is a national issue, is a matter for all of us ".

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