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Insular Policy - Plakiotakis: Three million. euros to tackle island water scarcity in 2020

The 2021 at a steady pace the work of meeting the needs of other islands
The planning of projects of the General Secretariat of the Aegean and Island Policy for the treatment of water scarcity in arid islands, discussed today during a meeting chaired by the Minister of Shipping and Island Policy and. John Plakiotakis………..

During the meeting attended by the Secretary General of the Aegean and Island Policy and. Christiana Kalogerou, as well as officials of the competent Directorate of Studies, Works, Natural Resources and Energy of the G.G.. Aegean and Island Policy, It was underlined that last year projects were carried out to address water supply needs in our islands, of the order of three (3) million. with funding from the National Public Investment Program of the General Secretariat.

It was also pointed out that within the 2021 Appropriate water supply projects are completed in Katapola, Amorgos and in the area of ​​Grikos, Patmos, while three more will be auctioned (3) projects for Kastellorizo.

At the same meeting, requests and needs were also analyzed, especially small islands such as the Paxos, Kastos, Gavdos, Kythnos and Halki, to ensure their autonomy in water reserves.

Commenting on the work produced so far in the critical area of ​​securing drinking water supplies on islands facing a major problem, Mr.. Plakiotakis stressed : "We utilize the potential of modern technology and innovation to address the shortage of drinking water on our islands in terms of sustainability and respect for the environment.

During the 2020 Many important steps have been taken towards finding solutions. We will continue with the same dynamics 2021 and as long as it takes until our last island has enough drinking water.

I would like to thank the staff of the General Secretariat for the planning and implementation of projects to serve the water needs of our islands. This is an important project ".


Detailed during 2020 the General Secretariat for the Aegean and Island Policy funded the following 25 projects:

  1. Seawater treatment for the needs of Megisti,243.237euro.
  2. Sea water treatment in Patmos and Arki as well as maintenance of a refinery in Patmos,223.693 euro.
  3. Installation and operation of a desalination plant in Lipsi 206.159 euro.
  4. Maintenance of desalination plant and supply of drinking water in Kimolos 68.229 euro.
  5. Subsidy of the Municipality of Ithaca for the cleaning of desalinated water storage tanks, 24.180 euro.
  6. Subsidy of the Municipality of Ithaca for the repair of existing desalination plants, 77.000 euro.
  7. Additional subsidy of the Municipality of Ithaca for the repair of the desalination units of Polis Stavros and Kionio, 50.000 euro.
  8. Subsidy of the Municipality of Sami, Kefalonia for the replacement of the Municipal networks
  9. Community of Assos and the Municipal Units of Pylaros and Sami, damaged by the severe weather of the 17th & 18of September, 200.000 euro.
  10. Subsidy of the Municipality of Ierapetra for the study of strengthening and modernization of the water supply system, 74.400 euro.
  11. Grant of the Municipality of Ierapetra for the study of replacement and modernization of a water transfer pipeline of Sarakina springs in the central reservoir of Ierapetra, 74.400 euro.
  12. Supply of 2nd desalination plant in Aegiali, Amorgos, 434.124 euro.
  13. Construction of accompanying projects for the desalination plant in Aegiali, Amorgos, 12.114 euro.
  14. Installation of desalination units in Katapola, Amorgos, 200.000 euro.
  15. Subsidy of the Municipality of Milos for the supply of water from its desalination unit “AEOLIKIS MILOU SA”, 150.000 euro.
  16. Subsidy of the Municipality of Kimolos for the maintenance and good operation of "SYCHEM A.E", of the existing desalination plant,24.800 euro.
  17. Subsidy of the Municipality of Kalymnos for the maintenance of the desalination plants of Pserimos-Telendos,9.424 euro.
  18. Grant from the Municipality of Oinousses for the supply and installation of a desalination plant in Agios Ioannis, 200.000 euro.
  19. Supply and installation of sealing materials, maintenance and repair of three water tanks owned by the Municipality of Megisti,49.228 euro.
  20. Supply and installation of water tank interconnection equipment of the Municipality of Megisti, 24.304 euro.

21. Subsidy of the Regional Union of Municipalities of North Aegean for the implementation of the drinking water and soil control project, 35.000 euro.

22. Study for the connection of a new drilling site in Agios Minas with the external water supply network of the Municipality of Kasos,14.212 euro.

23. Covering the cost of transporting and delivering drinking water to arid Aegean islands by Navy water tankers, 453.557euro.

24. Cost of drinking water supply from DEYAR to cover the water needs of arid islands of the Dodecanese, 29.137 euro.

25. Payment of EYDAP bills for the period of consumption for drinking water transported to arid islands of the Cyclades,6.072 euro.

26. Subsidy of the Municipality of West Samos for the immediate treatment of water supply problems caused by the catastrophic earthquake of October 30, 100.000 euro.

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