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Equal to one million. automotive air pollution from a single cruise ship

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Cruise ships alarming pollute the environment
Measurements, They showed very high concentrations of fine microparticles and carbon black.
The pollution levels in certain decks of cruise ships is….. worse than,what the most polluted cities of the world, Research reveals broadcast Dispatches British Channel 4.

The undercover investigation targeted the largest company in the sector in Britain, the P&O Cruises, to examine how clean is the air you breathe tourists and crew when in the deck of a cruise ship.

The research focused on levels of ultrafine particles in the air and around the cruise ship and emitted from fuel burned in ship engines.

The findings showed that a cruise ship can emit so microparticles as one million cars a day, namely 30 cruise infect the same as all the cars in the UK. In the meantime, cruise ships are becoming more popular, with millions of passengers from both the UK and worldwide.

Using a special meter microparticles, The research team measured levels Oceana ship, which can carry more than 2.000 passengers. The device has shown that the air on the deck near the board stacks containing 84.000 microparticles per cubic centimeter. Just next to stacks on deck, the numbers increased from 144.000 until 226.000 microparticles per cubic centimeter of air.

This amount is more than double the average measured on center of London, wherein using the same apparatus, the group recorded 38.400 microparticles per cubic centimeter. According to researchers, These are the levels that would be expected in the most polluted cities of the world, such as Shanghai and New Delhi.

These findings suggest that the majority of the particles coming directly from the stacks of the ship, wherein burning heavy fuel oil. The short exposure to them can cause deterioration of respiratory symptoms, as in individuals with asthma, while several studies suggest that elevated levels were also charged to people with cardiovascular disease. The consequences for the crew members subject to repeated exposure could be even worse.

In response to the research findings, The company said that since 2005 It has reduced fuel consumption by 28%, and that the vessel will be equipped with exhaust gas purifiers, which have been installed in other 60 The company ships.

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