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New faces on the Board of AO Mykonos

More specifically President: Alexander Koukas Vice: Alexander Angeletaki Second Vice: Nick Ring C. Secretary: Dimitris Pappas General Heads Men's Football Team: Peter Giavroutas & Michael Kontizas Members Male Male Football Team: Freris Lorenzo, Michael Gryparis & Claus Bartzokas […]

The board of AO Mykonos, They met in body and determined the membership positions.

More detail

  • Chairman: Alexander Koukas
  • Vice president: Alexander Angeletaki
  • B’ Vice president: Nick ring
  • C. Secretary: Dimitris Pappas
  • General Heads Male Football Team: Peter Giavroutas & Michael Kontizas
  • Members Male Male Football Team: Freris Lorenzo, Michael Gryparis & Claus Bartzokas
  • Head Football Academy: Stamatis ring
  • Superintendent Football Academy: Nick Kalogeras
  • Secretary of Football Academies & Athletics: Dimitris Gryparis
  • Members Football Academy: Fatmir Duro and Nicolas Gkelai
  • Press contacts: Nick Papoutsas & Dimitris Gryparis
    Public relation manager:
    John Theocharis
  • Treasurer: Christos Kolioulis
  • responsible Basketball: Christos Kolioulis & John Theocharis
  • responsible Athletics: Dimitris Pappas
  • scrutineers Athletics: Calliope ring & George acting
  • State Athletics: Alexandra Karagiannis & Varvarigou Andriani
  • Counsel & sailing Manager: Stelios Gkaripis
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