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Good school year of basketball of AO Mykonos - Starts Monday coaching new racing season.

and the sport they love.

The responsible manager of the department, George Skordos inform all concerned parents and aspiring basketball players-listries, that training programs begin for all segments on Monday 11/9.

  • MONDAY : 14:30-16:30 [adolescent] , 16:30-18:00 [childish] , 18:00-19:00 [ACADEMY ]
  • third : 14:30-16:30 [adolescent] , 16:30-18:00[MINI] , 18:00-19:00 [KORASIDES]
  • Wednesday : 15:30-17:00 [MINI] , 17:00-18:00 [ACADEMY] , 18:00-19:00 [KORASIDES]
  • Thursday : 14:30-16:30 [adolescent], 16:30-18:00 [childish] , 18:00-19:00 [ACADEMY]
  • Friday : 14:30-16:30 [adolescent] , 16:30-18:00[childish] , 18:00-19:00 [KORASIDES]

For more information contact your coach George Garlic in tillefono. 6937 012628.

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