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Summer heatwave!! Useful for health guidance on hot summer days!!

The summer, a time when high temperatures are an integral part of our daily lives, it is advisable to stay informed about the risks to our health……

In some cases, however, can lead to undesirable or dangerous for their health conditions.

Particular care should be the most vulnerable to high temperatures populations, which are newborns, infants, the elderly and suffering from chronic diseases.

In response to the predictions of NA for temperature rise and heat waves across the country for the next days, remind the βασικά προληπτικά μέτρα για τον καύσωνα:

, Summer heatwave!! Useful for health guidance on hot summer days!!

  1. Avoid exposure to sunlight. Stay in shady and cool places and preferably in a light-colored clothing. Avoid places where there is overcrowding. The use of the cap and generally cover, imposed, with material that allows natural ventilation of the head. It is also necessary to use black or dark glasses to protect eyes from the intense glare of the sun.
  2. Avoid heavy physical labor, mainly even in high temperature, apnea and high humidity. Avoid walking for a long time or run under the sun.
  3. Download abundant liquids, mainly water and natural juices.
  4. Avoid alcohol drinks.
  5. Diet diet oligothermiki which will include mainly vegetables and fruits of all kinds, by reducing fat.
  6. Many lukewarm showers during the day. It is advisable to put wet cloths on the head and neck as protective measures.
  7. Newborns should be dressed as becomes lighter. Preferable are the hands and feet to be free and not wrapped in diapers. In warm weather often offered besides milk(parent or another) and liquids such as chamomile, water, etc.. Infants, especially older children good is to eat more fruits and vegetables and less fat. Good children do not remain too long in the sun and always wear a hat.
  8. Avoiding travel, if not an absolute necessity, especially the hours of increased temperatures and particularly of people belonging to high risk groups.
  9. Great care of people belonging to high risk groups as it is: 

A) People over 65 years.

B) People suffering from chronic diseases, such as heart disease, kidney disease, chronic respiratory problems diabetes mellitus etc..

C) People taking diuretics, anticholinergics, psychiatric drugs, contraceptives, hormonally (including insulin and hypoglycaemic agents).

If the movement in the sea or in the mountains is not easy, the eve of the elderly in the lower compartments of multi-storeyed houses is relatively easy solution.

The room or the house in general during the hot day should be tightly closed, It has stayed open all night.

Families that have elderly, it is advisable to take care not to leave alone, when summer vacation or long absence from home.

Unlike the case should ensure an individual for their daily care.

, Summer heatwave!! Useful for health guidance on hot summer days!!

Problems – disturbances – morbidly Phenomena

A] One of these is the heat exhaustion, that occurs after prolonged exposure of the individual [hours or days] at high temperatures.

The initial symptoms are:

  • Ponokefalos, dizziness, lack of appetite, boredom, strong sense of exhaustion, τα οποία καταλήγουν σε ξαφνική και μικρής διάρκειας κατάρρευση.
  • The blood pressure is low and there is a tachycardia.
  • The skin is cold and moist.
  • The pupils are dilated.
  • OR temperature is normal.

The syndrome is attributed to a modest loss of water and sodium chloride(salt).

B] Another functional disorder is heat stroke

After prolonged exposure or physical activity at high temperatures (heat), associated with high atmospheric humidity is above 70% and apnea.

Under these conditions the heat elimination mechanism (transpiration) and thermoregulatory mechanism in the brain ceases to function.

Ως άμεση αντιμετώπιση συνίσταται η μεταφορά του θερμόπληκτου χωρίς χρονοτριβή:

  • in a cool, airy, shady or under trees, If they exist
  • removal of heavy machine
  • ventilation his body by any means clipboard (B.C. Fan or paperboard)
  • putting cold compresses (compresses or ice packs) the forehead and the head
  • drenching facial, of the neck, breast and general body with cold water from the bottom upwards
  • inhalation vinegar
  • ether inhalation
  • ammonia inhalation
  • it is possible to drink ample fluids and small amounts of salt to fill it lost by the body due to a large sweating.

If the condition is very heavy, We must urgently summoned doctor or transferred to the Hospital.

The condition can develop quickly and sometimes without warning symptoms in multiple organ failure (shock), myocardial infarction, Stroke, renal and hepatic insufficiency, convulsions and even coma and death, if not treated promptly.

Protective Measures for Heat Wave

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