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Summer leave – Vacation allowance 2020: Who is entitled?, How it is calculated and When it should be paid

Detailed instructions for the summer leave and the leave allowance are given by GSEE. How the allowance is calculated and when it should be paid….

All the details for the summer leave that employees are entitled to as well as for how the leave allowance is calculated GSEE gives a new announcement. As the private trade union organization of the private sector points out, has accepted “a plethora of questions and complaints” and on’ In this regard, it clarifies the annual leave of employees.

As GSEE points out, the provisions of the institutional framework relating to the annual leave of employees are of public order, consistently not to allow and oppose any contrary express or implied agreement, and the resignation of the employee from the relevant claims. During the annual leave the employee dismissal prohibited.

Time of granting the annual leave

  • The annual leave of the employee shall be granted in consultation with the employer in terms of time is granted and in any case within two months of the submission by the employee.
  • At least half of a company employees must get permission in time from 1 May to 30 September.
  • Employers who employ workers, protecting children up 16 years (natural or adopted) and children over 16 years with disabilities are required when programming the time of administration of their staff annual leave of absence to take into account the needs of these workers.
  • Employers are required to grant annual leave to employees before the end του ημερολογιακού έτους στο οποίο αφορά.

Διάρκεια ετήσιας άδειας

  • The granting of annual leave with employee remuneration is calculated on a calendar year.
  • The employee is entitled ratio of annual leave time from the start of his employment under the working week system (five-day or six-day), without being required to complete specific service time to his employer.
  • Specifically, the first calendar year in which the employee is hired the employer is obliged to grant to 31 December proportion of days of leave entitlement, according to the months of employment. Every employee with an employment relationship of indefinite or fixed-term, right from the start of work until completing twelve to take the percentage of license. This ratio is calculated on the basis of 20 working days of annual leave for those working five days and 24 working days for those working six days.
  • During the second calendar year, after the employee completed yearly work, entitled license 21 days (five-day work) and 25 days (six-day work).
  • For the third and subsequent working years the employee is entitled to 1or January of each year his normal annual paid leave, namely 22 days (five-day work) and 26 days (six-day work).
  • After completion 10 years of employment with the same employer or service 12 years to any employer the employee is entitled license 25 working days (five-day work) and 30 working days (six-day work).
  • After completing 25 years of service to any employer's employees are entitled to an extra day off, namely 26 days (five-day work) and 31 days (six-day work).
  • In the days of annual leave are calculated only working days. Therefore excluding Sundays, official holidays, the customary holidays, the sick days and special licenses under other provisions if they coincide with it (eg marriage license, child birth license, Maternity leave)

How to grant an annual leave

  • The basic rule is that the annual leave is granted continuously for the number of days that the employee is entitled according to the seniority of.
  • If favorable conditions apply (e.g. from BIP, Labor Regulations, Business habit or custom) on the annual leave of employees and the holiday pay they prevail.
  • Όλα τα στοιχεία που αφορούν στη χορήγηση της ετήσιας άδειας των εργαζομένων καταχωρούνται υποχρεωτικά από τον εργοδότη στο Πληροφοριακό Σύστημα ΕΡΓΑΝΗ μέσω της υποβολής του Εντύπου Ε11 (disclosure of annual leave data).
  • In the Form E11, the data of the employees who received the annual leave and the leave allowance during the previous calendar year and are registered in the special License Book are registered in January of each year..

Allocation of license

  • Permitted kat` exception, the segmentation of leave time within the same calendar year in two periods, because of particularly serious or urgent enterprise. Σε κάθε περίπτωση η πρώτη περίοδος της αδείας δεν μπορεί να περιλαμβάνει λιγότερες των 6 εργασίμων ημερών σε εξαήμερη εβδομαδιαία εργασία και των 5 εργασίμων ημερών σε πενθήμερη εβδομαδιαία εργασία ή των 12 working days, where it concerns minors who work legally.
  • After a written application of the employee to the employer, the division of the leave time is allowed in more than two periods., από τις οποίες η μία πρέπει να περιλαμβάνει τουλάχιστον 12 εργάσιμες ημέρες σε εξαήμερη εβδομαδιαία εργασία και 10 working days, in five days, or 12 working days, where it concerns minors who work legally.
  • Especially, in cases companies employing regular and seasonal staff and exhibit great accumulation of work due to the nature or the work object, within a specific period of the year, for regular staff, the employer may grant part of the license 10 working day for five days or 12 for six days, anytime during the calendar year.
  • Noted that the request of the employee, and the decision of the employer, although no longer require approval by the competent department of the APR, ωστόσο διατηρούνται στην επιχείρηση επί 5 years and must be available to the Labor Inspectorate.

Leave pay and payment time

Holiday pay further enshrined in Article 2 the National General Collective Agreement of 2010, which reads:

"The employee becoming eligible for normal recreational license, individually or in cash is entitled to receive and leave allowance, which is a regular salary, calculated in the same way they are calculated and paid leave and is subject to the same rules as those.

Το επίδομα άδειας ισούται με το σύνολο των πράγματι καταβαλλόμενων τακτικών συνήθων αποδοχών της άδειας, with the restriction that it can not exceed the salaries 15 days for those who paid a monthly salary and 13 days for those who are paid wages or working unit or percentages or otherwise.

The corresponding leave allowance is prepaid upon receipt of the leave ή τμήματος αυτής μαζί με τις αποδοχές αδείας.

General or specific provisions of laws, decrees, decrees, collective agreements, arbitral Awards, labor regulations and other regulatory acts, defining more favorable calculation methods, καταβολής και γενικά παροχής του επιδόματος άδειας υπερισχύουν και διατηρούνται σε ισχύ.

The article 6 the EGSSE 1997 granting of leave allowance in case of early termination of the employment relationship remains valid, Swept the words "before the employee reaches attached therein employer twelve months continuous employment shall ', because of subsequent modification of the conditions for obtaining a license ".

If the employer does not grant the authorization requested by the employee, by the end of the calendar year, must pay wages owed to permit time increment 100%, plus holiday pay.

Calculate the license with an online application

Employees have the opportunity through online application that has created the CIF's website to calculate for themselves the license entitled the links below:

Full employment:


For job rotation:


The unions, the local Labor Centers and the GSEE Power Federations are on alert for workers' complaints. Η ΓΣΕΕ θα συνεχίσει να έχει στη διάθεση των συνδικάτων και των εργαζομένων σε όλη την επικράτεια για κάθε ζήτημα πληροφόρησης, support and collective action:

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