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carnival!! Get into the role of your sign!!

The Halloween masquerade require indeed successful. What would disguise as our Zodiac zodiac and how each character wants to spend these days;…….

The Smaro Sotiraki give answers and you have to do is put your good mood to spend unforgettable! Happy Halloween!!

The god Dionysus takes action and sets the scene of! imagination, lust, the fun, the dance, music, love, the crush behind the masks are the protagonists of the troupe.

The game light up the party and maskaralikia, but you must remember that Dionysus asks to surrender unconditionally! He will give you the passion, but you should forget your conservative himself, not-non.

What role will I play; What would get dressed up this year; random selection; Of course not. The carnival them intended to release emotions, to put us in the process attempt to relieve our frustrations and, after spree, follow the solemnity of Lent and Easter.

This year dress that fits in your psyche, depending on the sign where you belong.

Unearth everything,what you find in your cupboards, take a ride on the market and let your imagination run wild and create.

The marshal ARIES

What do you like: Be entertained and tangled with boldness would say in all games, even those that are played in the "razor's edge". "Turn on" very easily! besides, and the zodiac represent when flaring fire! Opportunity to show the… your limbs! Dress with everything,what more adventurous there! Wear costumes in bright colors, place the most intense wigs.

Separate: This is important for you. Your spontaneity source is your best Cloakroom. If you lovers of uniforms, you must choose something great commander or, at least, anything that does not go unnoticed. The more low-key you are in everyday life, more novelty must be Halloween.

Advice: SEND your unbridled eroticism, Play the limits without inhibitions. If some evil you find excessive, not your fault. Blame those who are not exaggerated. If you do not play your eye in carnival celebrations if not get lost in the arms of some "mascara", when you do;

The super hero TAURUS

What do you like: Usually you do not like to be exposed. Difficult to let free yourself be sucked into games, especially if they played in… extremes. The carnival is an opportunity to expand. Now everything has allowed to release the 'beast' in you!

Separate: Surge in the market and enjoy the shop windows that sell Halloween items. There is no need to spend a fortune to masquerade. I am sure you can find easy and cheap solutions, which will help you show off your well-hidden sexuality, impersonate a sexy nurse or doctor attractive, the merry widow, Kitty or super hero.

Advice: Because you like to hide, do not forget that the shops are full masks, which can help you discover the theme of your "role". "Cover" and run to impress others, leaving them to wonder: "I wonder what was this irresistible creature… with somewhat familiar voice;».

The clown GEMINI

What do you like: Involved in all kinds of fun and like plates. It is natural to "looking" Halloween to "download ideas" and to become actively… elements of this madness called "carnival".

Separate: As curious types are, it is certain that will search the whole house and all the shops, which would complicate you decide, because it simply will be many ideas that will delight your. Be sure to dress in something comfortable to dance, yet funny! A costume that reflects the child in you! Clown, baby, animalcule, cutlet!

Advice: Masks annoy you and pull very quickly, so it is preferable to strongly painted, as befits your role. Because you are "teasers" and the carnival allows pranks, do not forget to fill your pockets with all these cute trick you love and can make your every movement unpredictable.

The historical personality of CANCER

What do you like: You are sentimental only when surrounded by your loved ones leave free yourself. Therefore, You should go in places that feel familiar.

Separate: Your love for the past and history is the best source to redraw the theme of your carnival dress. Take the role of a hero from comic books or classics that you read when you were children! You can also wear the mask of a face of history worthy of mockery.

Advice: Do not rush to shop. Remove from naphthalene everything you store, after never throw anything away. Surely there are many things, whether clothes or accessories, which will be useful for your disguise. when lounging, comes packed humor, well hidden that you twitter, enter the skin of the role and impersonate, sure, offer plenty of laughter! Xefantoste p’ this frantic pace that requires the carnival and expand with your own unique way.

The emperor LEON

What do you like: Your limits to the fun is non-existent! Lovers of Dionysus and love with love, rouse friends and revel in bright carnival! You play all games end of Carnival and you love to express your talents hypocritically, even behind the mask "masquerade" Leo!

Separate: Your lordship can lead you to look for the outfit of an emperor or a beloved hero of history! Your love for animals can turn you into a kitty or a… tiger! And if they do not meet your, then you will find the solution to a person or a star of the theater! You do not excite you any of these ideas; Open your closets and remove whatever,What is most impressive!

Advice: Use lots of jewelry and painted bright! Enter the dance, indulge in hugs Dionysus and let it take you a trip to the "want" your, which are strong and, when oppressed, eat your.

The VIRGO improvise

What do you like: You are practical people and have great ability to improvise and make things, which require attention to detail. Naturally something similar do Halloween! Looking warehouses to find something that will inspire you.

Separate: Improvisation begins! cut, sew, but ultimately the result is certainly clever, smart. It is preferable that your roles to satirize current events, to relieve your need for review. Remember: in times of carnival satire has no limits!

Advice: Like to the trap others and laugh with their reactions! You do not throw your cap for dancing, but ridicules them dancing with your imitations. Your jokes have no limits. Feel free to expand as you feel like it! Dress your characteristic way, Mock all the "strange" that you see around you and let others try not to fall in your mouth, that will turn the hardest truth to laughter!

The movie stars LIBRA

What do you like: Pay attention to your appearance, which exudes charm and flawless combinations of colors. Your accessories are always something special! Naturally, these "vices" you have and Halloween.

Separate: What then; Crave a dressing that combines humor and elegance. A, all and all, maskers, but nice maskers! or improvise, sew or rent your Halloween outfit, certainly sure to flatter your body and do not alter your charm. Women of the sign you find the opportunity to turn into beautiful heroines of film and television. The men playing the roles of the ancient Greeks or the heroes that combined the bravery with romance!

Advice: in any case, both beauties, you represent Venus, and the beauty, you represent Adonis, too much fun these days and your friends pursue your friends, because you love dancing and singing.

Count Dracula SCORPIO

What do you like: Ravish anything causes passion, because you are his representatives. Love the moments expressed your libido, so it is characterized as the most sexually creatures of the Zodiac! In a few words, "Tie" perfectly with the sensual carnival.

Separate: Select costumes that combine mystery with sensuality and usually stay well hidden behind your masks. Like dark colors and… black humor, so it very often borrow your roles from the stories of Count Dracula or other "fun" aspects, as funerals etc! I can not say, always emitted your sexuality, because anyway so fierce Dracula and the merry widow have some magnetism evoking libido.

Advice: Although dressed wizards or witches, police heroes movie or thriller, will relieve and parodied the investigator or occultist, forming sides of each decent Scorpio. However, whatever outfit you choose, remember that uploading temperature.

Aristophanian SAGITTARIUS

What do you like: You are the heart of the group! The humour, wit, your love for dance and music make it necessary for the party. When you decide to masquerade always the last minute, try everything,what you find in the closets and chests, constantly changing roles. looking far,what is most comfortable and simultaneously funny!

Separate: Humor is the way to become the focus, so your goal is to satirize, cause laughter and enjoy, regardless of whether to "crease" your image. Usually you want to exclude Aristophanes in you, eliminating any unnecessary respectability.

Advice: Involved in all elaborate pranks, if you're not the initiators! Leave yourself free to intoxication of love and alcohol. You get lost in the sensual atmosphere of carnival. Children and adults together as you, live the joy of your child anemeleias and the risk of joy adults.


What do you like: Even you, hardcore, the plain types of the Zodiac, You have hidden somewhere in your other self! You want to forget their obligations and let loose until you drop, to relieve the intense, but repressed your sensuality.

Separate: The disguises are fit you are allowing you to pass unnoticed. You want to make your 'mischief', but not "stamp formed" by others. Like the masks and hoods! Prefer earthy colors and thrown clothes. After all, the roles you take will have robes or gowns or character are Arab! dominoes, the monks, the masked heroes are your favorite options.

Advice: Although you are late to adjust when in between strangers, end "steal the show", as you create an atmosphere rife with your sensual mystery. Respect the needs of yourself, Forget the obligations and remember that to give precedence to your well-being for a while does not mean irresponsibility.

The futuristic AQUARIUS

What do you like: Aquarians and Halloween! Inspiration marries instincts. 'Advanced' minds as you, you have too many original ideas, including some workable.

Separate: Your choices are unusual, a and rely on a particular mind improvisation. However, always hide a sophisticated humor, that charms all those who can understand. We matched subjects stolen from science fiction. You can also choose your costumes from a variety of names you want to satirize or your best to get the mask of a political.

Advice: Every decent Aquarius hides a "President" means the! You become dear to the company and everyone is waiting to talk to pleasantly surprised by something really funny. You are excellent and tireless dancers. Do smart jokes, drift others and elkete your love-struck the victim with a magnetism that is both strange and irresistible, to cause cravings identification field.

The fairytale Pisces

What do you like: The carnival is one of the most favorite days, as you can let your unbridled imagination to express freely. Maintain your childhood and you like to live in the worlds of fairy tales, who keep alive your imagination.

Separate: Suitable disguises your draw their theme from the world of fairy tales. Like gossamer fabrics, color scheme and comfortable uniforms, because you want to feel free. Beautiful Costumes and brave Robin Hood, graceful figures from comic books, sweet creatures who are always in our hearts, figures born of fairy tales the grandmother…

Advice: Your Halloween rouse! Usually you are the organizers of a crazy party, but, even if you're just invited, make jokes that leave your signature at night! Enjoy as you rocking in airy rhythms of the Orient and lost in the seas of your imagination and love.

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