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Watermelon!! The lord of the summer!! Ten Reasons to book!!

Matina Poulli - Vyrini Biochemist(BSc), Dietitian Nutritionist (MMEDSci)

This is one of the most delicious fruits. Especially during the hot summer months, the frozen watermelon, It offers us pleasure with its rich taste and at the same time refreshes us!!…..

The nutrients of the summer fruit!!

The watermelon sugar content, reaches 5%.

The reason why watermelon is sweeter taste, due to the fact that sugar is the main ingredient that gives it its flavor.

There is a historical review of the 2.500 B.C. The ancient Egyptians consumed as fruit but also carried it with them as an additional water storage.

How to eat;

  • Just as fruit or fruit juice
  • in sorbet
  • salads
  • In sweets
  • Ice cream sorbet
  • Even fried or grilled

Ten reasons to book!!

  1. The content of sugar and calories is low. Two cups of watermelon, only 80 calories
  2. It contains large amounts of vitamin C and beta carotene, known for their antioxidant activity
  3. It contains vitamin A, important for eye health, night vision and anosiopoiitko system
  4. Contains Vitamin B6, necessary for the proper functioning of the nervous system
  5. It is rich in potassium, which contributes to the regulation of heart function and blood pressure
  6. Its seeds contain a substance cucurbocitrin, which helps reduce stress and improves renal function
  7. It contains large amounts of lycopene, with beneficial effects on the cardiac and vascular system
  8. The juice causes intense diuresis, purifying the blood and kidneys
  9. Dietary fibers of, help the colon movements and thus help against constipation
  10. It is very moisturizing, one containing water against 92%

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