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Katerina Monogiou: Extension of the itineraries for the kidney patients of Paros

The itineraries that transport the kidney patients of Paros to Naxos are extended. Kidney patients undergoing dialysis in artificial kidney units are a particularly sensitive group of citizens,……. due to the required frequency of dialysis - often 2 or also 3 times per week. Once again, the Ministry of Shipping and the Minister Mr.. Giannis Plakiotakis responded immediately to the requests of our islanders.

Thanks Mr.. Skopelitis and Hellenic Seaways for the extension of the itineraries, all the actors in this action, the administration, doctors, the medical staff who help and stand by the side of about ten kidney patients on the island.

The acts of humanity and solidarity, helping fellow human beings is characteristically deeply ingrained in the character of the Cyclades. I will continue to be by the side of my fellow citizens in need.

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