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Introduced new Bill demonstrations: "Of statutory offense", "Organizer" with civil liability [The N / S]

Draft law on "outdoor public gatherings". The government argues that the design aims to avoid traffic infarcts, and the excesses that cause groups intrude into demonstrations,…..

Competent, according to the Daily Sunday, imposing restrictions or banning upcoming outdoor public assembly and for restrictions or dissolve ongoing public outdoor gathering is the locally competent Regional Police Director General or the Director General of Police or the Director of Police Departments, with mere opinions of the Mayors.

"Organizer demonstration"

Also it will be determined "organizer" of the demonstration, which will have civil liability for damage, established the institution of police ombudsman and institutionalized special digital platform that provides real-time information to citizens about the procedures and the relevant traffic regulations.

"Of statutory offense"

End, the bill provides as an offense of statutory participation in a demonstration that has been legally banned by police, and the "obstruction of an assembly to commit violence and intrusion persons in this in order to alter by violence the peaceful nature of".

Under the bill:

First, defined 'leader' each assembly that assumes responsibility for the peaceful realization and so in cooperation with the police.

Secondly, institutionalized, by decision of the Ministry of Citizen Protection, special digital platform, providing real-time information to citizens on the procedures and relevant traffic regulations.

Thirdly, the institution established the Police Ombudsman, to act as a link between the head of the police authority on the ground and the "organizer" of the demonstration to ensure cooperation between the two sides for the smooth conduct of.

Fourth, it is possible to dissolve a concentration or beam, if they take place while their conduct is legally banned, or participants do not comply with the restrictions set.

Fifth, to ban the forthcoming assembly enshrined responsibility of the Commission division of the Council of State.

Sixth, envisaged liability of the "organizer" for compensation for any damage. The "organizer" is exempt if he promptly notifies the protest and demonstrate that it had taken all necessary measures to prevent damage.

The main provisions of the bill are as follows:

Article 1


The purpose of this law is to ensure the exercise of the right of assembly in public outdoors, so is exposed to a serious risk to public safety and not to disturb excessively the socio-economic life of a given area.

Article 2


For the purposes of this Act, understood as:

1. 'Public outdoor gathering "is stationary or moving assemblage persons, temporary duration, performed after prior consultation or invitation to open, Non-walled space, for the same reason, such joint protest, projection views, formulating requests of any nature or relevant decisions.

2. "Spontaneous outdoor public gathering" is the public outdoor gathering, performed in response to the occurrence of a sudden event.

3. "Dissolution" is the termination of holding public outdoor gathering and the intentional or non-removal of synathroisthenton, after oral or written order of bystander police authority.

4. "Organizer" means a natural person or legal entity representative or association of persons to invite the general public to participate in outdoor public gathering.

5. "Restrictions" are the obligations imposed on participants, through relevant instructions of the police authority to exercise their right in accordance with the recommendations of. limitations, including, is the occupation of only the pavement or other public open space not walled, The partial differentiation of the moving assembly path, elimination and removal from the place of assembly of people flying objects and exhibit behaviors that put in jeopardy human life or limb or property rights of citizens or public property, and, the non obstruction of movement and access to public services, utilities and hospitals.

Article 3

disclosure obligation

1. The organizer must inform the territorial Police Headquarters or Police Department, his intention to invite the general public or certain categories of persons or certain number of people to participate in public outdoor gathering, in a specific place and time.

2. The notification shall be in writing or via the internet platform of the Greek Police, forty-eight (48) hours at least before making public outdoor gathering.

3. Spontaneous public outdoor rally has not been notified as provided in the preceding paragraphs shall be allowed if there are emerging risks regarding breaches of public security or serious disruption of social and economic life. In this case the competent police authority invites the participants to define organizer, and may impose limitations in accordance with Article 8.

4. By decision of the Minister of Citizen Protection institutionalized special digital platform through which information is provided to citizens on current meetings and other events and associated with these traffic regulations.

Article 4

liabilities organizer

The organizer of the rally:

a. Cooperates directly with the police authority and in particular with the Police Ombudsman and comply to their suggestions assisting in the effort to maintain order.

b. Inform the parties to rally for their obligation not to carry and use appropriate objects of violence and calls for police intervention to remove individuals carrying such objects.

c. Sets a sufficient number, which contribute to the safeguarding of assembly.

Article 5

Police Ombudsman

1. In conducting public outdoor gatherings designated officer of the Greek Police as "Police Ombudsman", which is the link of the police authority in the host, to ensure the proper conduct of public outdoor gathering.

Article 6

Obligations of the police authority

The locally competent police authority should ensure the unimpeded exercise of freedom of assembly in a public open space, as defined in Article 1 hereof.

Article 7


1. Imminent outdoor public gathering may be prohibited if:

a. Threatened serious risk to public safety, said highly probable, committing serious crimes especially against life, Limb, property and the State power.

b. Threatened severe disruption of social and economic life of a given area. In this case, the police authority shall specify indicative, as alternatives, other areas, suitable for the realization of assembly.

2. The decision to ban outdoor public assembly shall be notified to the organizer noon (12) least two hours earlier.

For the decision to ban as imposing limitations are taken into account: (a) the estimated number of participants, (b) the realization of the region, (c) the degree of this risk.

Article 8


1. Permitted restrictions in relation to forthcoming public outdoor gathering, if it is probable that the conduct would disproportionately disrupt the socio-economic life of the region concerned, in particular because of the special traffic and other special local conditions.

2. Permitted restrictions in relation to public outdoor gathering in progress, if the conduct causes a disproportionate disruption to the socio-economic life of the region, mainly because the number of participants.

Article 9


The public outdoor gathering dissolution in progress may be ordered, if:

a. Place despite a prohibition decision.

b. Participants do not comply with the restrictions imposed in relation to this.

c. Turns into violent or its continuation causing immediate danger to life or physical integrity of the participants or participants are offenses.

d. Performed without having notified.

Article 10

Jurisdiction police authority

1. Αρμόδιος για την επιβολή περιορισμών ή την απαγόρευση επικείμενης δημόσιας υπαίθριας συνάθροισης καθώς και για την επιβολή περιορισμών ή τη διάλυση εν εξελίξει δημόσιας υπαίθριας συνάθροισης είναι ο κατά τόπον αρμόδιος Γενικός Περιφερειακός Αστυνομικός Διευθυντής ή ο Γενικός Αστυνομικός Διευθυντής ή ο Διευθυντής των Διευθύνσεων Αστυνομίας, με απλή γνώμη των οικείων δημάρχων. Η σχετική απόφαση αναρτάται στην επίσημη ιστοσελίδα της Ελληνικής Αστυνομίας. .

2. Οι αποφάσεις του παρόντος άρθρου πρέπει να είναι ειδικά αιτιολογημένες.

Article 11

Ενημέρωση εισαγγελικής αρχής

1. Οι αποφάσεις και το πρακτικό του προηγούμενου άρθρου κοινοποιούνται στην αρμόδια εισαγγελική αρχή.

Article 12

Μέσα και διαδικαστικές προϋποθέσεις

1. Για την εφαρμογή των διατάξεων του άρθρου 9, η αρμόδια αστυνομική αρχή μπορεί να χρησιμοποιεί προς τούτο κάθε νόμιμο μέσο, εφόσον προηγουμένως δεν έχει καταστεί δυνατή η εκούσια συμμόρφωση και αποχώρηση των συμμετεχόντων σε συνάθροιση.

2. The means that the police authority may use should, in any case be the appropriate, necessary and proportionate to the circumstances, taking into account the type of assembly, the number of participants and offenses committed or that their marriage is likely seriously.

Article 13

Temporary legal protection

The public outdoor rally organizer who refused, He is entitled to request the suspension of the execution of the decision by the Committee of Suspensions of the Council of State.

Article 14

Final judicial protection

1. The organizer may request the annulment of the decision which banned public outdoor gathering with a request before the Council of State.

2. The organizer may request the annulment of the decision which imposed restrictions on outdoor public gathering or decision which is dissolved, with application to the locally competent Administrative Court, trying at first and last instance.

Article 15

Criminal sanctions

1. Subject to the provisions of Articles 170 and 189 the Penal Code, those involved in public outdoor gathering, which is legally prohibited by a decision of the competent police authority or obstruct a public outdoor gathering, punishable by imprisonment of up to one (1) year.

2. If intrude into this in order to alter by violence the peaceful nature of, τιμωρούνται με φυλάκιση μέχρι δύο (2) years, αν οι πράξεις τους δεν τιμωρούνται βαρύτερα με άλλη διάταξη.

3. Subject to the provisions of Articles 170 and 189 the Penal Code, όσοι δεν συμμορφώνονται προς τους περιορισμούς που επιβάλλει η παριστάμενη αστυνομική αρχή τιμωρούνται με φυλάκιση μέχρι ενός έτους. Αν οι υπαίτιοι τέλεσαν βιαιοπραγίες, τιμωρούνται με φυλάκιση μέχρι δύο ετών, αν οι πράξεις τους δεν τιμωρούνται βαρύτερα με άλλη διάταξη.

Article 16

Αστικές κυρώσεις

1. Ο οργανωτής δημόσιας υπαίθριας συνάθροισης ευθύνεται για την αποζημίωση όσων υπέστησαν βλάβη της ζωής, της σωματικής ακεραιότητας και της ιδιοκτησίας από τους συμμετέχοντες στη δημόσια υπαίθρια συνάθροιση. Από την ευθύνη αυτή απαλλάσσεται, εάν είχε γνωστοποιήσει εγκαίρως τη διεξαγωγή της συνάθροισης και αποδεικνύει ότι είχε λάβει όλα τα αναγκαία και πρόσφορα μέτρα για την πρόληψη και αποτροπή της ζημίας, according to the article 4 hereof.

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