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Innovative digital applications for viewing and enhancement of monuments of Mykonos and Delos.

Stelios Bringou *

virtual applications & Augmented reality for the promotion of cultural and tourism Mykonos stock
Afora the design, the development and placing virtual and augmented reality applications in order to promote the cultural and tourism stock Mykonos and Delos. particularly…….. within the project provides for the development of these applications:

(a) Application Augmented Reality 'Mykonos AR Augmented Reality'
Application Augmented Reality ‘Mykonos AR Augmented Reality’, combining the real and the virtual tour at selected locations on the island (Cycladic houses with architectural and cultural interest, Lower Mills, etc.), so that the visitor can enjoy an improved experience without the tour guide assistance.

(b) Application Augmented Reality 'Mykonos Giants Hunt'
Application Augmented Reality ‘Mykonos Giants Hunt’, which includes a digital game augmented reality, based on the classical myth of the extermination of the last Titans Giants by Hercules in Mykonos Island.
Visitors can 'downloading' application on his phone, entering the place of Hercules in a virtual hunt giants on the island to exterminate.

(c) Application 3D game 'Gaming Delos: the myths’
Application 3D game ‘Gaming Delos: the myths’, which is inspired by the mythological stories associated with archaeological finds are exposed in the Archaeological Museum of Delos and aims the discovery of important archaeological finds (B.C. Temple of Apollo, the colossal Lions of Delos Terrace of the Lions, to Marble statue of Artemis, etc.).

Eligible public expenditure is 150.000,00 €
The start date of the Act defined or 02/09/2019 and end the 31/12/2021.

*Stelios Bringos It is Antiperifereiarchis Region slides and eGovernment N. Aegean and PhD Regional Director with George Hatzimarkos.

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