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Motivation reduced term for those who serve before their studies, “voluntary” recruiting women with Bonus

Military service: What Changes coming – Rapid Changes in Military Service – Selective Building commitment and Incentives with Μπόνουςστο ΑΣΕΠ για women……

Changes in military service processes the Ministry of Defense, to address the low birthrate problem plaguing the country and in’ extension of conscripts.

Defense Minister Nikos Panagiotopoulos and the minister-and former chief of staff- Alcibiades Stefanis, in cooperation with the military leadership, consider solutions that will not increase the total Armed Forces military service, but will face the problem of lack of men who, as emphasized competent sources News247, today observed in the army.

It is characteristic that in comparison with Turkey, Last year born in our country 35.000 about boys, while in the neighboring country 720.000 boys.

According to information, the leadership of the Defense Ministry is considering, including, the following solutions to address the problem:

Harmonization of military service in the army (today its duration is 9 months) with his tenure in the Navy and Air Force, currently 12 months.

– Selective conscription in 18 years, motivated by the reduced term, for those who serve before their studies.

– Voluntary enlistment of women. Examined various bonuses for any new opt to enlist, μεταξύ των οποίων η παροχήbonusσε διαγωνισμούς του ΑΣΕΠ.

– Gradual recruitment of a thousand soldiers, for ten consecutive years.

– Reducing camps. Today only the Army has 1596 camps. Only one rookie to go to each of them, according to competent sources, It requires more than half the ETUC (than half of young people, namely, who enlisted in each "turn").

– Setting the outlaws topic, which currently amount to about 47.000, the 30.000 one of which is inside. Among the solutions being discussed are heavy fines for those who do not serve his term.

The leadership of the Defense Ministry, will present comprehensive proposals in the coming months, as pledged at the recent meeting with the Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

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