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Cadastre: What about Cyclades – A is completed’ phase – Countdown banded fines – When are they coming, how calculated

Successfully completed first phase of cadastral, in the 93% the territory is expected to arrive until the end of February, according to official data που έδωσε στη δημοσιότητα το Greek Cadastre.. While those who did not get a statement will be required to pay spicily fines……For those who do not rush to declare their private property, fines and framework that will characterize it institutionalized in April, in application of the law 2308/1995.

Minutes, this means that until April all owners in Greece and abroad They can register their property without incurring penalties. According to official figures, already collecting declarations in areas where timely submission deadline is exceeded 72%, Once the conventional target was 55%, while this percentage is expected to increase in the coming days.

Most, only pending studies are under court proceedings, because litigation of potential contractors and represent 7% the whole country, and some local declarations collections in the region of Ioannina and Thesprotia (completed end March).

Deadline until the end of February

Recall, that on 28 February 2020 expires reporting deadline Lemnos regional sections, Lesbos, Ithaca, Kefalonia and Zakynthos, where in these regions the declarations collection rate is expected to exceed the conventional target 55% as he approaches the deadline.


For Cyclades The collection of statements is expected to begin in early 2021.

While, for Corfu – Thesprotia, for the rest of Crete (Rethimno, Chania Malevizi areas, Heraklion and Hersonissos) The collection of statements is expected to begin in early 2021.


On fines, as made known the Greek Cadastre, their height related both to the value of real property and to the time of declaration reporting delay.

noted, that delay of citizens in the declarations does not mean automatic loss of their property.

involves, however, inability use of real estate, weakness property transfer and change of ownership, possibly judicial adventures, and costs due to the imminent activation of fines.

Impressive growth path in the country cadastral last semester

According to official figures released by the Greek Cadastre, is indicative that from July 2019 until January 2020 They collected over 6.553.651 rights-including timely attendance statements- enabling the completion of the first phase cadastral.

While, as stated by the Land, even in areas that ended the statements deadlines citizens continue to declare apace their properties at the local Cadastral Offices, and electronics.

Characteristically, also, that one in five people submitted their declaration of private property online.

The next phase of Lands - Suspension in Athens

The coming period is to begin the process of suspension of cadastral data in Athens and it will take two months for residents inside and four months for those homeowners living abroad.

During this phase, owners should check the accuracy of registration of their property if no errors will be made in due time the necessary objections.

Within the 2020 in the process of suspension will gradually enter other parts of the country. facilities citizens

1) To better serve those people have said until now their private property and deadlines expire in late February, the Greek Cadastre, to avoid long hours waiting citizens, apply the assessment process "timely attendance", in order to complete the submission of declaration at a later time by appointment.

2) Alternatively visit the offices of civil Cadastral possible to submit electronic returns through the website of the Greek Lands.

3) For more information you can contact the Greek Cadastre, calling the call center 210 6505600 or four-digit number 1015. also, online at: www.ktimatologio.gr

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