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Cycle archaeological lecture at the Museum of Cycladic Art for the manifold actions excavations in Crete

Notable scientific papers on archaeological findings and research programs in Crete brings to light new cycle archaeological lectures organized by the Museum of Cycladic Art from December 2019 up to December 2020…..

The new lectures are among the circles of archaeological lectures on research carried out by the Antiquities (EFA) the country and the Greek and foreign institutions, which is organized by the Museum in recent years, with free admission for scientific and general public. From 2013 Archaeologists have hosted the EFA Attica, Viotia, Euboea and Phocis, who presented a series of communications on recent archaeological finds every Inspectorate, as well as the versatile maintenance work, restoration and protection-display of archaeological treasures of the region.

The new cycle of lectures concerning the multifarious excavations and research activities on the island of EFA Ministry of Culture, and foreign archaeological schools and the University of Crete working to Crete. The lectures take place on the occasion of successful archaeological exhibition "Crete. emerging cities: Aptera -Eleftherna-Knosos ", held at the Museum 2018, including 500 about antiquities from old and new excavations in Crete, most of which first came to light.

The cycle of lectures the EFA will participate Lasithi, Rethymnon and Chania, The American School of Classical Studies, the Belgian School at Athens, the British School at Athens, the French School at Athens, The Italian School of Archeology at Athens, το Institute for Aegean Prehistory (ENTRY) and the University of Crete. All scientific communications made in the context of lectures published afterwards in the series "Archaeological Contributions", published by the Museum of Cycladic Art. The Cycle of Lectures announcements 2019-2020 They will be published in this series under the general title "CRETE". Admission to the lectures is free (start time: 19.00).

December program 2019

Monday 2 December 2019. Chrysa Sophianos. "A asylitos chamber tomb Late Minoan IIIA-B period Kentri Ierapetra". O asylitos chamber tomb Late IIIA-B period found in 2018 Kentri Ierapetra is the topic of the lecture by Chrysa Sophianos, Head of the EFA Lasithi.

Monday 9 December 2019. Jan Driessen. "In the Shadow of the Minotaur – Recent excavations in Sisi Lasithiou Crete ". H lecture of Prof. Jan Driessen has two five-year excavation projects, research and study carried out by the 2007 Sissi Lassithi Crete from the group of the Catholic University of Louvain, under the auspices of the Belgian of Athens.

Monday 16 December 2019. Chrysa Sophianos - Thomas Brogan - Melissa Eaby - John Papadatos. "Rock paintings and Circular Buildings in Eastern Crete: The example of Sopata and Mesorrachi positions Final Neolithic / Minoan I period '. This communication is a review of recent field study conducted on Sopata positions Mesorrachi during the period 2013-2016.

Fig.: Detail from the Late Minoan tombs in Ierapetra © Ministry of Culture, Antiquities Lasithi

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