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Penalties for TAB not promote recycling – JMD on how to be imposed Fines (GG)

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Signed by the CMD, imposed sanctions on OTA, not promote recycling…..

Signed by the interior ministers, Alexis Haritsis, and Environment Deputy & energy, Socrates Famellos and published in the Government Gazette (2218 B / 06.08.2019) Joint Ministerial Decision (JMD) that determines The method of measurement of administrative fines in TAB A.’ degree, who do not fulfill their obligations for the alternative management and separate collection of municipal waste.

According to JMD, infringements distinguished according to their gravity and by the choice of any OTA to organize recycling of municipal waste in cooperation with Alternative Management System or separately, so the Municipality undertakes more responsibilities.

The method includes gradation favor of municipalities that have started the design or implementation of separate collection work albeit to a lesser extent than expected in their local plans and local authorities charge not undertake any action for design, implementation and applying the separate waste streams.

The CMD version provided in the law for upgrading recycling (n. 4496/2017) and it is in line with the new institutional framework that clarifies the responsibilities of municipalities and Solid Waste Management Bodies (n. 4555/2018) and strengthens the role of local government in accordance with the demand of.

JMD to set the specific amount of fines to be applied in case of infringements are detected by OTA, taking into account additional criteria in relation to offenses other liable entities, associated with particular demographic, geomorphological, administrative, financially, social and environmental characteristics of the Municipalities, in sequence with the new classification of municipalities according to the "Cleisthenes".

Further to These criteria determine the severity of sanctions specifying additional parameters, such as compliance after the establishment of the infringement or -contrary- repetition of the infringement, the degree of fault and the duration of the infringement.

End, that imposed an administrative fine may not exceed 7% the annual revenue of the Municipality of the single administrative charge cleaning and lighting last year the certificate of offense.

The GG 2218 B / 08.06.2019 with tnot CMD for determining administrative penalties offenders CTA A grade

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