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Lifting coronavirus restrictions: What applies in relation to the Lifting of Measures, from the 25 January for Stores, Ski resorts, Taxi, OPAP, Movement!!

What is valid from Monday 25 January for retail and retail stores, OPAP stores, αριθμός των ατόμων που επιτρέπονται στα ταξί, ski resorts. All opening hours……

So gradually, after opening retail stores αίρονται οι όλο και περισσότεροι περιορισμοί του lockdown and steps are gradually taken to return to regularity.

OPAP Stores

However, as announced by Nick Chardalias, from Monday 1 February OPAP stores also open (but not OPAP Play) provided that this is permitted by epidemiological data.

The number of people allowed in taxis is changing

Nikos Hardalias announced that the allowed number of passengers in taxis is changing. The number of people allowed within taxi, as announced by Undersecretary of Civil Protection and crisis management Nick Chardalias during the update on its progress coronavirus in our country. Specifically, o Nick Chardalias announced that at taxi will be allowed most 2 people, except for the driver.

Ski resorts

also, the 32 Infectious Diseases Committeeas they say "No" and at the opening of the ski resorts for now at least, something that is expected to be discussed next week.

What measures are still in force after 25 January

In accordance with GG, his measures lockdown for coronavirus valid until Monday 25 January, but the measures will be extended. Although the epidemiological situation in the country is improving and the cases coronavirus are significantly reduced, government and infectious disease specialists can not yet suggest the complete removal of the lockdown.

Therefore, are expected to be extended beyond 25 January:

  • ban on travel from county to county
  • masks both outdoors and indoors
  • the suspension of focus operation (only delivery and take away work)
  • travel ban from 21:00 until 5:00

Measures for retail

With restrictions it will still work retail and after 25 January.


  • Visiting hours (optional) from 7:00 a.m. until 8:00 pm.
  • Optional operation of stores on Sunday 24 January.
  • The restriction of movements with the obligation to send an SMS to 13033, while the consumer must retain the message (password 2), in order to prove the time of dispatch and approval of his movement.
  • The message has a duration 2 hours during which the consumer can carry out any of his commercial transactions, with a comparative time point at the time of sending and approval of its movement message.
  • The ban on supra-local movements is maintained.
  • Maximum number allowed: four people for stores up to 100 sq.m. For stores over 100 sq.m. one person for each 25 sq.m. Furthermore (from 1 person / per 15 sq.m. that was valid before).

Shopping malls

  • The maximum allowed number of customers inside the malls (malls), discount villages but also discount stores (outlets) is defined as follows:
  • One customer per 25 sq.m. surface mainly space.
  • Distance 2 measures between customers during the waiting time at the checkout.

Open hairdressers, Beauty salons

They will be open after 25 January salons, barber shop, Beauty salons but also dietary services with the following terms:

  • Distance between jobs: 2 meters.
  • Customers will only come by appointment, by telephone and electronic means.
  • Businesses owe it to their day-to-day operations, complete a list of customer appointments, which will be displayed to the audit bodies.
  • Mandatory use of protective mask for staff and customers.
  • Visiting hours (optional) from 7:00 a.m. until 8:00 pm.
  • Optional operation on Sunday, 24 January.
  • For businesses with an area of ​​up to 100 square (except for auxiliary offices eg offices, warehouse) allowed up to 4 people and for extra squares one extra person per 25 sq.m.
  • For services other than hair salons, barbershops and dietetics, the development of a plexiglass divider is required.
  • The customer population is unified, regardless of floor levels and does not include employees.

The rules for KTEO

For KTEO It is anticipated that customers will only arrive afterwards appointment, by telephone and electronic means and businesses must maintain a list of appointments during their daily start-up, which will be displayed to the audit bodies. It is mandatory use a mask protection of working personnel, disposable gloves and the use of antiseptic.

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