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Lifting Covid restrictions: High Schools open on Monday and interregional travel at Easter

Opening of Lyceums from next Monday 12 April and Easter inter-regional movements in areas that are at the same epidemiological level as the place of residence, announced the Minister of State, George Gerapetritis, speaking on SKAI and the show MATCHES. Alongside, put an end to the scenarios for opening the focus, before the holidays…………..

"The Commission has already discussed that we will go to a school opening if there is a possibility for mandatory self-tests. The self-diagnostic tests have already arrived in our country, and we estimate that by tomorrow all the pharmacies of the big urban centers will have been supplied, by the end of the week all the pharmacies in the country will be stocked. I think there is a possibility that we will open schools on Monday, as they have been closed for a long time and this has a very serious burden not only on the mental health of students, but also with learning issues ", he said.

He stressed that government intends to open secondary education and primarily Lyceums. "Primary schools have remained open for a longer period and in primary education there is the possibility of extending the school year", added Mr.. Gerapetritis.

With,with regard to interregional travel, noted that the possibility of being able to travel to our villages at Easter will be a great breath. "It simply came to our notice then, unless we have some major epidemiological burden, it makes sense to allow supra-local movement during Easter, but not in areas that will be extremely congested. The logic is areas that are at the same epidemiological level, be relatively accessible ", highlighted.

Complete that it is doubtful whether we will be able to have recreational activities, including catering, That is why the movement in the villages will be an important breath for the citizens.

Epidemiological situation

About the epidemiological picture of the country, The Minister of State pointed out that there is a slight stabilization to increase the cases in recent days, however, the case index does not always reflect the situation objectively, because it is related to the number of tests performed. "We have already reached record numbers for the country's data, with more than 50.000 test. So it is expected that we will have an increasing trend in the number of cases. ", reported.

Commenting on the situation in the NSS, Mr.. Gerapetritis stated that at this moment a stability appears in everything,regarding admissions and hospitalizations in Attica, noting, however, that there is a short wait for ICU beds. "It's about 60 people average, which are waiting to be admitted to ICU beds. Nevertheless, all patients are under respiratory support, that is, they are provided with absolute medical coverage ". Fill in that there is an increasing trend and pressure on the health system in specific areas, such as Thessaloniki and Patras.

With,regarding the gradual opening of the market, He pointed out that the idea of ​​a partial reopening of retail is based on the fact that there is a very serious fatigue in the population, which makes it extremely difficult to comply with the very strict measures that have been in place for a long time.. «Our basic position is that by giving some decompression valves to the citizens, we channel them into more controlled circuits, so that retail can replace gatherings in homes and squares outside cafes or bars. ", highlighted.

End, Asked about forest maps, heralded "Horizontal interventions by the Ministry of Environment that will rationalize them", while he admitted that “there was an excessive categorization of forest areas mainly on the islands. However, the existence of forest maps in our country is a condition for development ".

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