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The dance of the Mykonos with Lindsay Lohan aroma becomes viral!! [Video]

(car accidents, fractures etc.) but FACEBOOK WATCH seems to want to introduce us to the kinesiology of Lindsay Lohan…….

A few days ago was released the video This is How You Throw a Party, in Mykonos, B*tchwhich stars the famous celeb rocking in playful rhythms in her own unique way. They are authentic, yet spontaneous footage from the club that maintains itself in Mykonos and Lohan in high spirits.

, The dance of the Mykonos with Lindsay Lohan aroma becomes viral!! [Video]
This video is the top trending of the popular platform over 850.000 views in the first few days of the projection. With hashtag #DotheLilo urges viewers to imitate the choreography of which seem much more safe than the Shiggy with cars in motion.

And that's how the reputation of the island with the hectic clubbing travels all around the world and obviously the facebook. Thank you Lindsay.

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