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Lockdown end? – Gogos: Possible opening of schools in 2 weeks!! Lifting measures much larger than we planned!!

It is true that a big step of de-escalation was made and there were lifting of restrictive measures clearly bigger than what we planned and calculated, Explaining that the decision for horizontal opening is mainly related to the steadily improving epidemiological picture we have lately…..

reported Professor Charalambos Gogos, speaking to SKAI on Saturday night.

“If the market opening, does not show deterioration in epidemiological data, schools are likely to open in two weeks ", pointed out Mr. Gogos.

"In the initial discussion we had the opening of DG Lyceum, "But apparently that's difficult," he said, and completed how schools can be opened in two weeks, to better and more securely examine the data that will emerge from the opening of retail.

"It simply came to our notice then, we will proceed to the rest, "If it does not go well, let's go back to everything," said Mr.. Gogos.

In the question about catering opening, stressed that there is a security around it but better to wait a little longer.

"If things go as they should and this data is kept, we will see that too ".

"It is true that there was a big step of de-escalation and the lifting of restrictive measures was much bigger than we planned and calculated", said Mr.. Gogos and explained that the decision for horizontal opening is mainly related to the steadily improved epidemiological picture that we have lately.

"Fifteen days after the New Year, in fact," he added, explaining that we have an epidemiological record of the holidays that passed while it remains to see the data from the Epiphany.

"I believe and hope they are the same data", added, noting that the picture of the course of the pandemic in the country is good, despite fears of mobility and the viral load of sewage.

About how big it is ρίσκο που παίρνει η χώρα με το άνοιγμα της αγοράς, the professor stated that this is really big, saying that "Always in cases when we open something there is a risk".

In each case, The professor pointed out that "this risk is an attempt to control, for this and the resumption concerns each activity individually in order to evaluate the data that will result from it before it is decided to restart another ".

"All these measures are characterized by uncertainty," he said. Gogos, noting that the situation is being controlled through a package of measures that has been decided and is very specific.

"Right now the data is encouraging", the professor noted and pointed out that it is very important, whenever there is a burden and areas "go red" to immediate restrictive measures are applied to them.

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