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Lockdown extension – Sarigiannis: One week of extension is not enough- It may not be the last

His concern about the dynamics of the spread of mutated coronavirus cases, especially in Attica, expressed the professor of Environmental and Sanitary Engineering of AUTh, Demosthenes Sarigiannis, speaking on SKAI and the show TODAY……….

He stressed that one week of extension of the lockdown is not enough to get the largest population of the country out of the "red", as mentioned his performance is calculated at 45%, rate significantly lower than last March.

"There is a significant increase in mutant cases and unfortunately there are still no complete data on the beginning of their spread, so I'm not sure about the evolution of the dynamics. The performance of the lockdown in Attica is estimated to be at 45% which is significantly lower than last March. We are currently at the peak of the pandemic, however, the long-term de-escalation will not be so great ", said Mr. features. Sarigiannis.

Regarding the relaxation of strict restrictive measures, noted that in order to consider the opening in Attica safe, the cases must fall below them 450, which is extremely difficult. "The one week extension of the lockdown that I considered necessary anyway, may not arrive at this time. De-escalation can be significant, but not to such an extent that it brings Attica out of the red ", added.

Alongside, expressed the assessment that this lockdown will not be the last, if the mutant cases have the dispersion dynamics they present at this time.

However, left a crack of optimism for the summer noting that "If we come to one 30% of vaccination in the general population, which can be achieved by the end of May, the dynamics of virus spread, even transmissible mutant strains, it will be very very low ". In this context, said that even with this bad script, at the end of June we will be in very good condition. "We will not have herd immunity, but we will have a wall of immunity ", said the professor estimating that the herd immunity will be achieved in October to November of 2021.

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