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Lockdown Measures: Curfew!! What does not change!!

What time will the Curfew and cases where movement is allowed……

OR Curfew remains in our lives, along with travel restrictions, as the lockdown is extended.

Specifically, begins at 21:00 and ends on 05:00, both weekdays and weekends, for areas that are in the "red" and "deep red".

noted, that the movement during the traffic ban be allowed for the following reasons only:

    • Moving for work
    • Move by SMS that has the code one (1) in the 13033 for health reasons
    • Move by SMS with the code six (6) in the 13033 for a walk with a pet near the house

The SMS must be of the form:

X [vacuum] name and address of residence where X is the reason for leaving with the number 1, 6 corresponding to the following reasons:

1 Go to a pharmacy or visit the doctor

6 Pet movement within walking distance of the home

It will come as an answer:

Movement [vacuum] X [vacuum] name and address of residence

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