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Lockdown Restrictions: Retail with click-away throughout Greece, click in shop for clothing & footwear!! Awaiting decisions, new lockdown model…

Expert suggestion: Shopping by click away and appointments - High Schools are open throughout the country, Lyceums in the "red" areas are closed

The committee of experts of the Ministry of Health for the course of the coronavirus in the country after today's meeting proceeded to a relevant suggestion for the taking of new measures.

Briefly the suggestions so far:

  1. Open exercises and High Schools in all of Greece. In the areas that are in the "red" such as Attica the Lyceums will be closed and the distance education will continue.
  2. Shopping by appointment (click in shop) for shoes, clothes, jewelry. For all other services returns the click away.
  3. The agencies open OPAP in non-red areas.
  4. Open them salons with appointment.

Attica is in the "red" areas, or Mykonos and other areas

The experts, examining the viral load of Attica, they now include it in the "red" areas, why’ this suggests tougher lockdown.

According to reports, except Attica, candidates for membership in the "red" areas is hers Halkida in Evia, or Santorini, or Mykonos, or Chalcidice, or Zante and possibly areas thereof Achaia.

Alongside, Strict restrictions on Sparta, Boeotia and elsewhere.

By appointment and click away the purchases

According to reports, on retail in Attica, experts suggest that the stores with click away and with click in shop.

Specifically, consumers should shut down appointments for shopping in clothing stores, footwear Mr.αι τα jewelry stores.

All the rest of the shops will work with his method click away.

Hairdressers and treatment centers will remain open.

Gymnasiums are opening all over the country, The Lyceums in the "red" areas will remain closed

Regarding schools and specifically in Gymnasiums and Lyceums, which was decided to open on 1 February, experts suggested opening high schools across the country, while high schools in the "red" areas will remain closed.

OPAP agencies open, except for the "red" areas

Up to nine people will be allowed inside the churches, while OPAP agencies across the country will open from Monday, except for the "red" areas.

Remains 21:00 with 5:00 the traffic ban

Attica may have entered the "red" areas, however, every indication, will not change the curfew schedule and will remain 21:00 with 5:00. Although initially the proposal had fallen on the table to apply the same schedule as in the areas that entered the "red", namely 18:00-5:00, however, such a thing would be very difficult to operate in Attica.

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