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Solution “à la arbitrarily” for the buildings in residential thicken, in wooded areas and chortoleivadikes

forest maps: The new law on forest arbitrarily - Set in residential thicken. Temporary suspension demolition, Pay the fee and re-examining whether it will be maintained for 30 years forest arbitrarily,…..It includes the polynomoschedio Ministry of Environment.

Alongside, will become declassification portion of land shown as "forest", while the state had distributed for cultivation before 1975.

The plan provides for their settlement 30 years, presented yesterday to the Cabinet.

From the Ministry of Environment, according to "ET" newspaper, attempting new design moves the spirit of recent decisions of the Supreme.

The draft law is expected to come today for public consultation and attempts to solve a number of issues, with the leadership of the RIS to communicate that this is interference, which will both eliminate the bureaucracy and the other will have "green" footprint.

new post

In the hot topic of residential densification The Environment Ministry will do again posting areas were originally excluded from forest maps and a second time will be issued a presidential decree, which defines the criteria for homes in woodland, in compliance with the constitutional requirements and preserve the forest balance, They may conditionally be "trimmed".

Specifically, the possibility of settlement provided for a period 30 years of housing built in forests and woodlands, if they are not isolated, but within residential densification, They have not built after June 2011 and not in other "sensitive" areas (like streams, Natura etc.).


In procedural piece, They posted maps for areas that were designated as residential thicken, citizens will have the opportunity to submit objections to ensure the property and to make inclusion of forest arbitrary of, however the payment of the relevant fee.

The process will even run, immediately after the adoption of the law, the owners have about 6 margin months to take action.

At the same time, and until the adoption of Presidential Decree by Region will be drawing up feasibility studies that determine urban densification and substantiate the need for the temporary maintenance of dwellings within these.

So all of these studies collected, will determine the DS will reach the Supreme, which will decide whether it will give the green light to what they arbitrarily forest will be preserved.

If the Council of State ruled positively, the owners will put his hand in his pocket, as the maintenance will remind law 4495/17 ... where to keep your property will have to pay fines.

Remarkably would penalize people who do not engage in actions to be made in.


The piece of forest maps, which results to be in the air over 170 th. objections, and people trying to get to the obvious ..., Environment ministry proceeds to declassification land.

As follows, important property number appears on maps as forest woodland, when in fact their owners holding management operations, with which he has changed their character from forest to farm but the government did not take account of these acts in the hanging forest maps.

What is happening now is excluded from the scope of forest maps areas, for which before 1975 issued acts of administration, with which legally changed their character from forest to agriculture.

It's about:

* distributions (settlers)
* land redistribution
* Expropriation for the purpose of rural rehabilitation
* Permits Agriculture minister or the prefect of clergy transfer

Ignore ...

"All these concern agricultural land declared by the OPEKEPE as rural in the EU. and receiving subsidies. They depicted as woodland, for failing to take account of these acts of management and should be reflected as rural areas ", he noted Environment Minister Costis Hatzidakis during the presentation of the draft law.

result, Objections to Examination Committees (ESRP) pending on the 170.000 objections 50% country. the 2 recent years have seen some 10.000 applications.

Other problem is that even if the objection of the owners accepted, We have to wait to complete the examination of the opposition throughout the region where their properties are.

For those reasons, ratification of forest maps will be made at more frequent intervals, after completion of the examination objections are grouped by municipality (and not by Regional Unit, as is done today), to enable people to utilize their property vindicated when examining the opposition, without waiting to "close" the issue around the area, as is currently.

Strengthened and the Objections Examination Committees to decongest their work (link their remuneration with the work done, change their composition, frequent compulsory meetings per month, prediction alternates etc.).

nine interventions

The 9 interventions environmental bill is:

        1. Simplify environmental licensing
        2. Simplify licensing RES
        3. New European model of management of Protected Areas
        4. Addressing forest maps
        5. Settings for residential thicken
        6. Zoning Natura sites
        7. Waste management
        8. contribution fee for expanding the plastic bag
        9. Finance private connections (Urban Waste Water)

Environmental licensing with fast track procedures

In part of the environmental licensing, the environmental conditions issuing process is simplified with three sections:

1the incision: Shortening the deadlines in 120 days, and provided them rigorously.

2the incision: limited to 3 stages of environmental licensing. Furthermore, foreseen consequences for exceeding deadlines, but also ensure that the time limits of the law not to "freeze" in no case.

stage 1

- Completeness check of the dossier: with lapses without the time the dossier is considered complete.

stage 2

- Opinions of the relevant departments: with lapses without deadlines opinions are considered positive, It will therefore not preclude the continuation of proceedings.

An exception will be the essential opinions (B.C. archaeological and forest) but they will be referred to the Central Council for Environmental Licensing - KESPA and the Regional Council for Environmental Licensing - PESPA.

The convening of KESPA and PESPA be made within 20 day and the meeting will attend mandatory and advise the Head of the General Directorate of service not delivered an opinion within the deadline.

stage 3

- Consolidation of 3 steps: the opinions and evaluation of the Environmental Impact Study (MPA), pension ETAD ETAD extradition. By inactively expiry of the 30 days, secretary general of RIS (or the coordinator of the Decentralized Administration) They will be obliged to issue the ETAD.

3the incision: Introduced in the environmental licensing process for Certified Assessors Individuals.

New model of management of Protected Areas

Remains the protection and coverage for all protected areas, national parks and national forests, but the RIS creates the Natural Environment Agency and Climate Change (OFYPEKA) which will be supervised by the Ministry and which will perform works, it sets out policy, will coordinate the implementation of and manage the increased funding for these areas.

The Agency will immediately conclude memoranda of cooperation with the Decentralized Administration for storage areas.

Furthermore, the OFYPEKA will conclude program contracts with the regions and municipalities to carry out projects and development programs.

The Regions and Municipalities will be financed on.

abolished the 36 Boards of Management Bodies and created 24 decentralized structures (MDPP) within the organization to supervise, scientific monitoring and enhancement of Protected Areas.

The number of structures is equivalent to the number of management plans, They are prepared for these areas.

Within each of the 24 structures will operate a special committee based on inclusiveness and will consist of representatives of the scientific community, environmental organizations and government and will make a significant contribution to the protection policy areas.

The staffing of the new scheme will be through assessment criteria ASEP. The basis of recruitment 24 MDPP will be the current serving officers after evaluation by ASEP.

Natura areas

Within each protected area will be provided 1 until 4 scalable protection areas, as is the case in other European countries.

specifically provided:

* Zone of absolute protection of nature
* Nature protection area
* Zone habitat and species management
* Zone sustainable management of natural resources

Each zone provided the permitted and prohibited activities under the land use applicable to urban planning (Presidential. 59/2018).

Given these settings, scholars drawn up at national level on the plans for Natura areas will be able with a consistent and uniform methodology to determine the conditions and limitations in activities zones within protected areas.


Regarding non-hazardous waste, simplify the current administrative procedure for the adoption of the National Waste Management Plan, Regional Waste Management Plan and Local Waste Management Plan.

Exceptionally, in emergency cases and for the management of municipal solid waste service public interest reasons (SMR) made by decision of the General Waste Management Coordinating Secretary of the Environment and Energy Ministry, notwithstanding the existing provisions of the PECA.

Alongside, It becomes mandatory for health stores have a brown bin, where the infrastructure.

For hazardous wastes (asbestos) the owners have an obligation to ensure safe collection and transportation of hazardous waste on their property and to ensure access to natural or legal persons licensed.

End, Excavation regard to construction and demolition waste (ΑEKK), for planning permission condition is the conclusion of cooperation with EECCA approved alternative management system for collection of debris.

As for the plastic bag, the environmental tax (0,09 euro) citizens pay will be paid from now on for all.

Previously, supermarket used big bags that were excluded from the Directive and were not required to give the state money, something which is changing.

Prior notification of mykonosticker, the following link:

arbitrary adjustment capability to 30-year horizon for residential thicken in forest, grassland

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