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Solution to the problem of reduced coverage on buildings with digital land bank

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In the coming months
With the tee benefit plan are arbitrary owners , the maintenance, but also in real estate apallotroiosi…….

Solving the problem of compensation, both listed buildings owners and for those of their properties expropriated but not yet paid their money from the state, expected to give the Bank Digital Earth (PSTG) through the Transfer Factor Building, according to an exclusive report of the Free Press.

as noted, the tool proposed by the President of the Technical Chamber of Greece, George Stassinos, and is expected to legislate the current government, creating in practice a mechanism by which citizens who were formerly in the air so will indeed compensated, but this will happen without burdening the State.
Great advantage, according to the same sources, αποτελεί η δυνατότητα να μπορούν να ανακαινιστούν όλα τα διατηρητέα πουρημάζουνστις πόλεις. Simultaneously, the plan includes a series of measures, μεταξύ αυτών τη δυνατότητα να εξοικονομηθούν πόροι για να γίνουν μετέπειταπράσινα έργα”.

Within the next three years, all municipalities of the country, under the Local Spatial Plans, defining Reception Zones Building Factor, taking into account the actual situation on the basis of arbitrary declarations and elements of existing buildings and design.

The Land Bank as a concept was created for the exchange of land or building factor, from property bound (listed, apollotrioumena etc.). However, so far remained inapplicable.

According to exclusive information of Free Press, the government has already adopted the proposal for a tee and show the development polynomoschedio the arrangements for putting PSTG, electronics, implemented in a few months.

So, every citizen that needs building factor (for example owner arbitrary category 5, the landowner in ZYS etc.) take advantage of the new tool.

The process
- For each person entitled property issued electronically transfer title (excess) building factor of the ministry.

- The title is recorded in PSTG and acquires a value based price area corresponding to the square that has.

- The buyer enters the building coefficient challenge, for property located in ZYS and the system calculates the corresponding value, the buyer is charged.

- The system represents electronic and impersonal rate the sellers and buyers, priority within the same or neighboring municipality.

- The surplus value is used for cash flow. Η αξία πουχρηματοδοτείτη λειτουργία της ΨΤΓ δημιουργείται από τη διαφορά μεταξύ προσφερόμενης και ζητούμενης ποσότητας αλλά και της διαφοράς μεταξύ αξιών στις τιμές ζώνης κ.λπ.

the preserved
- The listed owner initially only receives 30% compensation, the term of the restoration of the facade of the listed features that have working capital to do desired tasks. The rest 70% receives the completion and certification of works.

- The buyer receives the purchased coefficient and the corresponding coefficient is removed from the property offer. All the above are performed by corresponding entries in the land registry office or land registry.

- Traders the PSTG charged a percentage 5% on the value of the transaction to finance environmental balance of operations in the Green Fund.

A preservable in Blister, 300 sq.m. with the price band 1.000 euro. The compensation is 300.000 euro. From those, the 5% will go to the Green Fund, equivalent to 15.000 euro. The deposit will be 30%, namely 90.000 euro received by the owner as working capital to cheer, mandatory, at least the facade of the listed.

In the second year after renovating the facade of the building and made the necessary control by the building controller, They will get the remaining amount of the compensation is entitled.

The same pattern, according to sources, would be taken for the common areas of the money will the bank Earth through the preserved, property of the State, etc.. There is provided the lingering delays in payments, forming large hoarsely on the finances of municipalities, be given through the values ​​set out by the Land Bank.

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