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Mykonos: When nature does wonders on the island of winds!! Amazing sunset photos!!

Mykonos is not only an island with wild nightlife, the ultimate destination for young people to have fun, dance and flirt all day and...

Best Mykonos Beaches: To Each His Own

Mykonos beaches (and Greek beaches in general) attract many travellers charmed by its scenery, blue domes, the mills and alleys filled with shops and...

Delos: The uninhabited Greek island full of ancient treasures

Unique throughout the world is the island of Delos, as the largest natural island archaeological site. No other island hosts so many monuments...

What's Hot

YouTube Restricted Mode: Περιοριστικά μέτρα του YouTube σε χρήστες κάτω των...

With... show the inappropriate Youtube Videos to users under 18!! Minor European YouTube users should provide proof..

Mykonos - Φ. Vigliaris: Διακοπή νερού στην Ανω Μερά λόγω βλάβης...

The Municipal Water Supply and Sewerage Company of Mykonos informs that an unexpected damage occurred in the area of ​​the post-refinery of Ano Mera, resulting in its non-water supply,...

Coronavirus vaccine: The EU in contact with manufacturers 38 candidate vaccines

The European Medicines Agency has been in contact since the beginning of September with 38 manufacturers of vaccines against Covid-19, δήλωσε ενώπιον του Ευρωπαϊκού Κοινοβουλίου...


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In Focus

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Talk of the Island

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Reverend Dorotheus B'

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Talk of the Island

Reverend Dorotheus B'


Mykonos: Two people arrested for drugs in Mykonos

Arrest of two people, a local and a foreigner in Mykonos for possession of drugs, by officers of the Mykonos Police Department…. Arrest 2 people on drugs in ...
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Coronavirus Pandemic: "Safari" checks at the weekend, for anti-virus measures!! Suspension of a store in Mykonos!!

Intensive checks are carried out throughout the country by the Greek Police Services to implement measures to prevent and limit its spread..

Education Policy: The 8 changes that apply to the High School from the current school year 2020-21

When is the student promoted to the next grade?!! When is he referred for September?!! Managing Instructions for High School Mathematics for the School Year ...

Opinion + Analysis

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Municipal Politics

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Opinion + Analysis

Municipal Politics


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Aegean Regional Politics

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Aegean Islands: PNAI is also a pioneer in the flood protection of the islands, with 3-year contracts for stream cleaning

2,5 from € will be available in the first phase for Naxos, Andros and Tinos, while all its islands will follow ...

Tourist arrivals in Aegean Islands: At 825.923 international arrivals until mid-September

Few tourist destinations in the world hold the momentum that the Dodecanese and Cyclades show during the first fortnight of September. recorded 160.685 διεθνείς αφίξεις...

South Aegean Islands

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Stories in Picture

Real Estate

AirBnB Taxes: Airbnb sends tax information to AADE for the registrations 2018 and 2019

Details for all entries located in Greece on 25 September 2020 for the year 2019 and until the end of September for ...

Investing in Greece: "Green light" for 8 total strategic investments 1,1 billion. euros from Diakofto to Mykonos

The "green light" for 8 total strategic investments 1,1 billion. euro, that contribute to the creation 3.300 jobs, lit at today's meeting ...

World + Global Talk

Business + Finance

Focus on Travel + Tourism

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Focus on Travel + Tourism

Arts + Culture

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The Art of Style

The Art of Style

50 Beachwear styles!! From the morning on the beach to the walk on the island!!

A maxi dress in airy fabric, preferably with cut-off details or out the back, a

Build body lotion mentholated!! [step by step]

This emulsion is for all skin types and offers health and wellness to the skin


Celebs & Ents

Sports - know the score

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Well - Being

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Revocation by EFET in a packaged chicken burger with salmonella [pics]

EFET and in particular the Regional Directorate of Thessaly, sampled a frozen preparation of poultry meat, chicken burgers, intended to be eaten cooked,....... against...

EFET: Caution!! Dangerous spice is recalled, adulterated with heavy metals!!

In the recall of adulterated spice with lead, chromium and mercury, the Unified Food Control Agency is proceeding (EFET). The company has already started withdrawing ...

carnival!! Get into the role of your sign!!

The Halloween masquerade require indeed successful. What would disguise as our Zodiac zodiac and how each character wants to pass them ...

Sci + Tech

Social media: European users are threatened with being left without Facebook and Instagram!!

Facebook threatens to exclude European users!! Even threatening to shut down the switches completely for Europe threatens Facebook. If it happens ...

Living Mag

The headlines and the back of the Sunday newspapers 20 September 2020

Τι γράφει ο Κυριακάτικος Τύπος Διαβάστε τα 13 Highlights first and Back-Cover of Sunday Newspapers (the suspension is continuously renewed!!)...... ...

Art of cooking + Wines

Mykonos summer at DK Oyster, with women's fragrance and luxury taste in 12-point art of plating

The verse Pump up the volume acquires a literal meaning in DK Oyster of Mykonos this year, with art de la table - plating presentation...
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