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Manto Mavrogenous: The incomparable heroine, the national revolution 21

Mando sacrificed in the struggle for the equipment of our fleet, and the creation Infantry Division, its vast fortune from gold coins and real estate of the time, but above all her cool youth, once more in the political intrigues of petty revolution, crashed and broken up the subtle health. To take it unjust reward from the homeland and die poor and forgotten, this great Greek noblewoman, that the inspiring example of moral rally around the civilized world of the time and exquisite with the haze of glory form, had assumed the 24 most high profile figures of more formal leaders of the revolution.……..

But how has the short, but such a rich life of national brilliance of the brilliant Greek woman;

Mando was born in 1796 the village Marmara of Paros, by parents of noble origin, that removed their roots, to the prominent families of the Greeks of the Danube regions.

The coat of arms of the Mavrogenis family

Her father was the brother of the famous Nicholas Blackbeard, for many years dragoon of the fleet (1770-1786) followed ruler Vlachia (1786-1790). And her mother was a scion of a prominent family of Mykonos social. thus grew into an advanced cultural and social environment, she gave tractable education with a European orientation, but also the knowledge of foreign languages.

Ethical supplies unusual for the Greeks of the time, in a Greece groaning from the "heavy and unprecedented yoke" of Ottoman slavery. Father Madonna was a prominent member of the Friendly Society, in whose bosom he initiated her from 1820.

The outbreak of the revolution found the young Manto - a high slender girl, with nice eyes and yet subtle temperament - Tinos with his uncle the priest and Father Gay Black, which the imported even deeper in the great cause of national revolution and brought together, the Motherland of Mykonos.

But feeling the young noble sacred debt to homeland, It takes the plunge to offer all his fortune to the cause and to assist along with all its physical and moral vitality of the revolution. Mando will offer the race 700.000 grosses, mammoth amount of time.

While the 1826, They will not hesitate to give another moral grandeur lesson, to sell her jewels, so they go for care 2.000 Mesolongiton rescued after their heroic Exodus.

thus equipping ships at its own expense and proceed to a fronts for freedom.

First concern, to rid the Cyclades of pirates who robbed them and carried out moral terrorism against the Greek revolutionaries, who more than ever then, they had to find free sea routes, to support naval fight.

At the same time, it again forms its own infantry corps and under its command, undertook the defense of the island. While still building a fleet of six ships that annexes it to the ships of our great Admiral Tombazis, to support the great naval operations.

Then the fiery Greek woman who vibrates from the noble vision of freedom, set up a body of infantry, consisting of 16 battalions of fifty men and under her leadership, participates in the campaign of Karystia. He will also take part in very crucial battles for the outcome of the fight in Fthiotida and Livadia and in Pelion despite the side of Grigorios Sala.

After participation in these battles would return to her beloved Mykonos, where it proceeds to a diversified supply effort of our fleet. Day by day the heroic sacrifice and selflessness standard for home Madonna, spread like the wind and reputation within a short time ekspazei national borders.

The noble race, rally philhellenes of women in France and England and Manto taking advantage of the knowledge of languages, send their patriotic letters, through which attempts to fertilize and expand the patriotic feelings of solidarity. So the whole of Europe is talking about the great Greek woman, olakeri sacrificing her fortune and pleasent the youth, to call upon all the forces of the cause of the national revolution.

But nevertheless it is surprising, that at the same time Manto is sacrifice and heroism standard across Europe, in Greece inside, the huge patriotic contribution, goes unnoticed by the "historians" of the time, rather reflect the historical events based on economic benefits, that they have from the chiefs to serve their political expediencies, rather than based on the objective reality and the true contribution of the fighters in ΄21!!

For this great injustice, but at the same time and distortion of our historical reality, the Philhellene Jules the 1890 will write "It is surprising that such a woman was completely forgotten, by all Greek historians ".

The 1825 but it has been released in French book philhellene T. Ginouvier sub title "The Mavrogenie or heroine of Greece" "Montenegrins, a heroine of Greece ", where with documentary energy the French historian describes accurately, the multifaceted life of the great Greek woman, as the sensed and the moral intensity impressed, philhellenes the romantic writers of the time.

This publication will quickly and will soon be reissued the 1826 in Paris, making the name of Mantis ethical glorious, All circles of civilized Europe. Will follow another version of the book, which highlights the thirst of Europeans to meet the great Greek woman 1830.

From self-sacrifice and selflessness for the homeland of the great Greek woman, be inspired and the great painter Adam Friedel and made the portrait of, which makes it known throughout Europe, included the portraits of 24 more formal portraits of leaders of the Greek revolution.

But where does Greece, free from the Turks, find itself?, the great heroine; At the end of the revolution, Manto settled in Nafplio and according to Lambrinidis, Manto is recorded as a resident of Nafplio in the population census in 1824, as follows: "No. 319, coca Manto, after her brother, sulfur and the servants of. Totally individual from ".

The incomparable governor Ioannis Kapodistrias - who will also receive an unjust reward from his homeland for his enormous services in its national reconstruction after the revolution, paying a heavy blood tax with his own life - feeling the heavy debt of Greece to the unpaid heroine, will reimburse the title of Lieutenant. Which Manto is the only Greek woman who brings him to this day and will still entrust her with the supervision of the Orphanage she establishes in Aegina.

During this period, a fiery love will develop between Prince Dimitrios Ypsilantis and Mantou, who is fascinated by both her incomparable self-sacrifice and her heroism for the homeland., as well as by its beauty, which undoubtedly seldom fertilizes the educated season and European culture, which while for the prince are an attraction and a pole of attraction, for social delays and distortions of postrevolutionary Greece, interpreted malignant manner.

The potential even Prince Ypsilanti marriage with the niece of the leader of Wallachia, it is clear that it will further strengthen him politically - with the acquisition of new foundations in the Courts of Moldavia – and yet more open road, the rise in the crown of a newly-constructed kingdom of Greece.

This noise is too much part of our political class, sometimes has tarnished abroad the image of struggling to throw off the yoke of slavery homeland, with intrigue and moral ugliness. Characteristic especially those, the prison of Kolokotronis and Plapouta, attempting condemnation of judicial and moral models Tertseti Polyzoidis and much more certainly the revolting and oletheria the interests of the nation assassination of John Kapodistrias. All the more alarmed Ioannis Kolettis, the top representative of French interests in Greece, of the informally functioning "Galophyllos" party. So they are trying in every way to slander one hand in Ypsilanti Manto, secondly to intimidate him for his life, if he persists in this relationship.

In this vile attempt, They will not hesitate to organize even abduction of Mantou from Nafplio to Mykonos, preceded and burning the house in Nafplion. But catalytic role in the tragic course of events, will play heavily crushed health of Prince Ypsilanti, that biologically attenuated – a time to die after all after - can not react to the orchestrated attack that accepts. So watch powerless to change the course of events, something from Manto, perceived as "withdrawal" in their relationship and plunges into boundless grief. But close to the psychological catastrophe of the great Greek woman, He has reminded of the serious economic poverty, until the point of not being able to cope with the livelihoods of costs, who literally completely flattens.

So abandoned resorts to relatives in Paros, to secure a piece of bread. In fact, there are reports of Mantoux to the Parliament, through which he asks the government for financial help to make a living. Initially the government approves assisting 'By reason efcharistiseos by Taq to country and Nation favors the main Manda Mavrogeni ". But subsequent calls for help, will be rejected by the hatred full of hatred against the Kolettis government "that the Administration took care to save and they were already unhappy with it, unfortunately rejected after many Palm " !!!

But who was asking for help and had fallen into poverty, which Greece stubbornly refused to;

The noble Wallachia, who had donated olakeri the fabulous estate home, the pleasent of youth and her own soul …. Katamoni forgotten and will die in Paros 1840, from typhoid fever. Buried at public expense in the courtyard of the church of Our Lady of the Hundred. But with the renovation of the church later, the tomb destroyed the, and bell towers that meant her death. Manto may have been forgotten and abandoned by the state, but not by the common people. Who have always recognized its valuable and honored services in the homeland.

But let's see another sample of high morals from the great Greek woman, but also social and political demoralization prevailing in post-revolutionary Greece and being means of plundering any form of public wealth. With the liberation of Nafplio from the Greeks and the surrender of the city, Many of the houses of the Turkish administrative agents were put up for auction - at the price in favor of the Greek state - and were bought by the Greeks who wanted to buy a house. One of these houses also belonged to Ali Bey and Manto Mavrogenous went to buy it by participating in the auction..

In general anarchy that prevailed in elementary administration of nascent Greek state, it is evident that been entered several times defrauding the public interest. So the houses auctioned Turkish, those conducting staff the auction process, They sought to 'sell out' as, as much as – how timely and timeless truth of what is happening nowadays, was this miserable tactic of looting public wealth - apparently getting their "gift" from the winning bidder at auction, who taken over the houses at ridiculous prices, against public interest.

But let us boast below the diamond ethos of the great Greek woman, when he realizes that, that he buys at the auction house of Ali Bey at a price much lower than the value of, against the interest of homeland, reacts instantaneously and impose itself on retrial, to defend the interests of the state, against its own interest, even if she has donated to Greece for the struggle of the national uprising, 700.000 grosses!!!

He writes Manto Mavrogenous the fact:

"The ownership of national ospition, so called Ali Bey, days ago on epolito invitation, and the omega outset were given no more than Taq thirty thousand grossia, I estathika and uploaded to the number of fifty one thousand, which egineto auction always forward of ospition and augments, and I and others tychontes erastai of ospition always telling me and preachers, and the auction committee and parringelon to prepare the half piasters against the statute of Administration […]. And because the ospitia many days have made up my, not increased its quantity nobody, in omega heralds trumpeted, He was in both light-hearted and kateginomenin to Euro grossia and pay half […]. Taftin not the moment perchance manthano, that of dawn lit on the AEGIALI prosdioristikin the candle and had fulfilled the polisin immediately, without IDEA with the panel during the normal, itis he did tosin ofeleian in National Fund and not detriment.

to lay, supreme, Such paraskinai and scheming to dorodokian committee, for the benefit of the purchaser and to the detriment of the national fund, is great contradiction, and work not ruled characterizing round good order.

Thus announcements to the superiority of, that because polisis' This eginen irregularly, unjustly and illegally, In order to treat the disorder and irregularity, to cancel the Sales and switched to Monday Lampas, against the background of attendees and I Augmentation, and in anyone extinguished lamp, one to own ospition, […].

the 4 August 1824 in Nafplio, the Patriotis Manto Blackbeard ".

And let us trace from a letter of hers to the philhellene M.. Rimbaud the 1821 ekspazei when the Greek revolution, fiery passion Madonna for the freedom of Greece and its firm belief in the cause of national revolution, even if necessary to give all. property, the life and honor of.

Manto writes to Rimbaud:

«I do not care what will become if lefterothei to my hometown. When I will use everything I can devote to the sacred cause of freedom, I'll run to the camp of the Greeks to encourage them with my decision to die, if needed, for freedom."

She was the great Greek Manto Mavrogenous, unparalleled noble who sacrificed for the freedom of Greece, possessions and all the moral and spiritual vitality of, to take unfair bitterness fee abandonment and moral oblivion.

And only the brilliant governor Ioannis Kapodistrias, who with his high moral and political prestige was aware of the high debt service to the homeland of Mantoux, the military gave a higher rate of Lieutenant Greece, to be mercilessly beaten after Manto by subsequent governments, as an innocent victim of the immoral political games.

The 1896 Theodoros Blancard published the biography of Mantou Mavrogenous under the title "The Mayroyeni ", whereby a dose of subtle irony dedicate:

"In Paris, Tinos and Mykonos, retail trade epilismonas the glory of ". The complete biography in two volumes, was reissued 1909. And obviously Blancard did not refer to the common people of our above islands, but to political and administrative factors, who had forgotten the great heroine of the revolution.

Later our governments, various honorary events, tributes and initiatives restored the injustice of the homeland to Manto, But who in the meantime had reaped the laurels of recognition, as role model, moral elation, spirited, patriotic selflessness and heroism. In the past, a two-drachma coin was minted in her honor.

And 1934 when the park was designed to "Champ de Mars", in order to honor the heroes of the Revolution of 1821, the so-called road "Agoniston 21 'of the grove, at 21 biggest busts of heroes of the revolution, included the statue Madonna.

Even a statue has been erected in the old port of Paros, in the middle of the Square "Mantis".

Mando Mavrogenous was moral standard boom, sacrifice and selfless patriotism. The Greek state was delayed as with many other great patriots, to honor and ascend to the moral pedestal that befitted the great Greek woman. But he had the outset: consciousness of the Greek people valorisen Manto, as a priceless moral pattern patriotism and sacrifice.

The inspiring example of, is for all Greek women and much more today that the place is endlessly shaken socially, economic and cultural, a brilliant moral legacy, our constant struggle to exit the crisis and moral prosperity.

And maybe from the homonymous square of Paros, as it looks towards the Aegean sea, who both loved and waves, He gave all the vitality of the freedom of the homeland, to pass thoughts through her mind, like the words of an unsurpassed social anatomist Bertolt Brecht:

Who built Thebes of eftapyli

King names in the books mentioned

Stones and woods who they carry the;


*Panos N.. Avramopoulos, is a writer – M.Sc Chief Engineer NTUA.

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