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Maritime policy for the islands – Plakiotakis: Changes the data in the development course of the islands the n / s-section for Island Policy

His special satisfaction for the submission to the Parliament of the draft law "Integrated maritime policy in the island area, provisions for compliance with international navigation obligations and………… the upgrade of the Coast Guard and special regulations for the digitization and in general strengthening of the competitiveness of the Greek shipping in the post-COVID era ", expressed the Minister of Shipping and Island Policy, John Plakiotakis.

"This is a legislative intervention that changes the data in the perception of the insularity and the development course of our islands", said Mr.. Plakiotakis.

"Greece needs a formal and well-designed public Island Policy, with clear strategic goals, distinct Design Action and specific means and tools to implement it.

For the first time, fragmentary interventions, give place to a holistic strategic approach to Island Policy and Maritime Economy.

A strategy that recognizes the inherent spatial and environmental peculiarities, but also the multiple advantages of uniqueness tof Polynesian development and the distinct identity of the islands.

It is very important that the bill specifically includes funding programs, in relation to both infrastructure development, as well as with island entrepreneurship ".

"I want to thank", Mr. reached. Plakiotakis, "Everyone who worked on the bill, those who participated in the public consultation, as well as the governors, mayors and their 327 social partners and stakeholders 14 regional dialogues we organized. They all contributed to a decisive change in the development course of our islands ".

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