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Teach me to cuddle!!

Γράφει η Γεωργία Χριστίνα Κανελλοπούλου, Psychologist – systemic & family Counselor

Θυμάμαι όταν ήμουν μικρή είχα ρωτήσει τον μπαμπά μου Μπαμπά, πως αγαπάνε οι άνθρωποι;” και μου απάντησεΈλα να σου δείξω..….

Πλησίασα και με έσφιξε τόσο δυνατά στην αγκαλιά του που ακόμα την νιώθω πάνω μου

Μόνο έτσι αγαπάνε οι άνθρωποι!” mου είπε…..

Αυτός είναι ο πιο ασφαλής τρόπος αγάπης.

And I kept… Και πως μαθαίνει κάποιος να αγκαλιάζει;”

The embrace not learn, to embrace the feeling!”, he said and hugged again.

Since then till today, whenever I see the world embraced everything I plug in my mind with love.

What is, But the arms;

Why the world does not embrace so often;

Άκουσα μια γυναίκα πριν λίγο καιρό στη διπλανή μου θέση στο λεωφορείο να αναφωνεί Δεν ξέρουν να αγκαλιάζονται οι άνθρωποι!!”

and wonder…. Dictionary do need to know what a caress, what is a hug;

Defined Does such a simple, yet highly important and emotional act;

The nature of man is such that he seeks and hugs….

Man is made so as to receive and give tenderness.

I hear many times couples to quarrel….

  • Δεν μ’ you love!!”
  • Μα πόσες φορές πρέπει να σου το πω;”
  • Δεν χρειάζεται μόνο να μου το πεις. You must show me the very!!”

Easily ask another to give our love. how easily, But the offer we;

Learn to embrace people!!

Learn to give away all our caress, without thinking about whether to get it back.

The hug is the best healing process.

Let us not be stingy and miserable.

Let us not make the economy caresses and hugs and we include them in our daily lives.

The hug is a practice that keeps an average of three seconds.

fingerprints, but leaving state for hours, days, months, years. Sure, there are those hugs that keep a long time.

You do not want to unfold your body over the other's body.

Without words, no promises.

Let and while heals than,what he has to upset, hurt, terrified.

These hugs of love and we all want in our lives!!

  • The unexpected hugs…
  • Hugs when we wake…
  • Hugs during the day…
  • Hugs for one success or our failure…
  • Hugs for apology…
  • Hugs to thank…
  • Hugs just before bedtime and this big hug during sleep…

These are our favorite hugs!!

And as they say experts…Μία αγκαλιά την ημέρα τον γιατρό τον κάνει πέρα.

It helps both physical health and mental. Let's show our love through a hug.

Και φυσικά δεν μιλάω για αυτή την μάστιγα τωνδωρεάν αγκαλιών στο δρόμο”.

I speak for those hugs containing emotion, love, admiration, mutual attraction, need for human contact.

For those hugs that can been denied in our childhood. For those who took too much from our parents.

For all those hugs that is never enough…….

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