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Mayor of Syros: The Message of the Mayor of Syros - Ermoupolis Nikolaos Livadara for the "Labor Day"

Today we honor the working class, the heroes of bio-struggle, the fighters who claimed self-evident rights, who fought for decent and humane working and living conditions. The 1st of May, timeless symbol of the struggles of the people, blood-stained and hard-fought games, paved the way for a fairer tomorrow.

Unfortunately, for another year, Labor Day is celebrated in the shadow of the health crisis, which has undoubtedly deeply hurt the social fabric, the economy, but also working conditions. At a time when everything is changing, it is more necessary than ever to secure the acquired labor rights and to support workers who have been experiencing great uncertainty and insecurity all this time.

With a sense of social responsibility and solidarity, the Municipality of Syros - Ermoupolis has taken care and materially and morally supports the vulnerable groups and especially the employees in suspension of work, but also to local businesses, affected by the effects of the pandemic, taking relief measures. Our main concern is to overcome this unprecedented situation with as few losses as possible and, above all, to maintain social cohesion and security..

The Mayor of Syros - Ermoupolis
Nikolaos Livadaras

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