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Με αρνητικό πρόσημο τα έσοδα των βραχυ-ιδιοκτητών σε Μύκονο και Σαντορίνη το 2019

The hopes of short-owners, that ran throughout the crisis to rent their properties through Airbnb, expectation that, so, will ... break-even loss "shorten" the elements of AirDna revenue and occupancy areas-strongholds of the relevant platform………

Most properties, available for short term rentals in Athens, and Crete, resulted in 2019 closed with a negative sign , according to the website, which processes the data so as to Airbnb and HomeAway. In support, at the same time, the number of active ads in the capital rose by, of his class 22,9%, compared to 2018 (from 8.251 in 10.138), revenue per available room (Revenue Per Available Room, RevPAR) decreased by 0,74% (from 31,07 EUR 30,84 euro), and moved downward and the average nightly rate (from 63,99 euros 2018 in 59,01 euro, -7,8%).

In Crete the corresponding image is presented, which late last year "count" 14.763 active ads against over 12.000 the 2018 (increase 21,03%). As mentioned items, Cretans owners saw a decrease, both in revenues (-17,5%) and in occupancy, with rates falling by almost 41% the 2018 in the 33% a year after. "The cracks ..., that they have formed the "strongholds" of Airbnb, areas, namely, which featured first on user preferences, as a result of oversupply, become more profound ", comment to a Free Press Sunday in property agents, Considering that gradually the market for short-term leases will begin to open ....

Iepikefalis of AirDna, K. Aimee Trusler complements side, "Now is the opportunity for those wishing to enter the game ..., to invest, namely, new markets in Greece, which have yet to show signs of saturation, as it happens, for example, with Athens', complements, from her side, Υπενθυμίζεται πως η ίδια, under the second BnB Guest Conference in Athens, presented its quintet of the Greek market with the largest increases in revenue per available room. "These are areas that may not be found even in the investors' radar. and yet, the evidence suggests that grow rapidly ', he noted. particularly, in the first place was Andros, to increase 25,02% compared to 2018, followed by the Lesvos, Thessaloniki and Kavala +19,5%, +13,04% and +4,28% respectively. End, The fifth place went to Naxos, with enhanced revenue per available room 3,77%.

traditional contracts

Both the Hellenic Association of Property Management (PASYDY) and the National Federation of Property Owners (POMIDA), underline the need to ... breathe the traditional lease system

particularly, the PASYDY supports the government's effort to identify some 35.000 owners allegedly renting their properties through platforms, without, however, have Registry Number (AMA).

"Our assessment is that this is more than 35.000 Properties - not 25.000, telling the Independent Revenue Authority (Principle of authorization), which measured only what is "pinned" on Airbnb, which could well return to long-term leases ", He stressed in earlier statements to the "ET" Sunday the head of the Association, K. Andreas Chios.

respectively, the POMIDA, by the President of, K. Stratos Paradias, proposes that incentives to those who choose traditional policies against Airbnb. "A reduction in the tax rate on income from rental housing in main 10% could bring a large number of fully renovated dwellings, in perfect condition, the relevant market, making it more competitive by offering them for short-term leases ", notes features. Specifically, for incomes up 12.000 per year is proposed to reduce the rate of 15% in 5%, while the annual income 12.001 until 35.000 euro tax relief from 35%, is today, in 25%.

Freefall for Mykonos and Santorini

"Sheared" was last year and the revenue short-owners in both Cycladic islands, that gather every year multitude of tourists.

particularly, based on data of AirDna, profit per room in "island of winds", Mykonos, reached 216,87 euro 253,53 euro the immediately preceding year (-14,5%), while equally moved downward and reservations (-26,43%), touching 39,8% against 54,1% the 2018. Average Nightly Rate, such as, besides, expected, remained high (545,08 euro 468,30 euros 2018), while for the active ads, they beat 2.000 against 1.500 Oldest (increase 39,1%).

Moved stabilizing revenues in Santorini (148,69 euros last year versus 147,20 euros 2018), the completeness, however, record fall 2,5% on an annual basis. The houses, rented via Airbnb Island ranging in 2.500, an increase 68% compared with the immediately preceding year.

It is worth noting that both the islands emerged the winners of 2019, international air arrivals to move upwards in levels compared to last year, without taking into account visitors who arrived by sea. More detail, at Mykonos, in the period January - June, landed 144.426 foreign visitors, surged 17,6% compared to 2018, while air arrivals from abroad amounted to Santorini 178.976 (+4,1% compared to the same period of 2018).

housing problem

Meanwhile, giant remains the housing problem, experienced teachers, doctors, police officers and many others, who are called to serve in the disputed islands. That's because, as noted realtors in the region, even if they take to hire a property-usually for specific months of the year- the height of the requested rent is such that makes it impossible the payment by a public official.

Information, in any case, They want the government to see a positive eye the proposal PASYDY utilize most of 120.000 abandoned buildings across Greece, ownership of municipalities or government in general, applying PPP model to meet the housing needs of seasonal workers or professionals and students. "Many of these properties could be granted for exploitation to investors, to be renovated and given only for long term rental. Due to demand, the gain will be great and will attract enough business, seeking opportunities for profitable investments. The concession model could be rent with the right to sublease or even joint operation with the municipalities', Association says and continues: "In the original agreement and to keep low prices could be a maximum allowable monthly rent, even subsidized, as part of a social housing policy ".
Thessaloniki new rising power

In emerging power of short-term leases Thessaloniki evolves, which recently developed rapidly.

It appears from the details of AirDna, showing the "ET" Sunday, the co-capital increase recorded last year:

31,9% the active ads (from 1.705 the 2018 in 2.248 last year).
13,04% revenue per room (from 27,38 EUR 30,95 euros 2019).
9,5% the fullness (from 55,6% in 60,9%).
3,3% the average nightly rate (from 49,22 EUR 50,85 euro).

According to real estate agents in Thessaloniki, in any case, the fact that lately are up and traditional lease is expected to act as a lure for many owners, to leave short-term leases. In support, based on data from Spitogatos, in the fourth quarter of 2019 prices in the Municipality of Thessaloniki ranging in 7,37 EUR / sq.m. against 6,92 EUR / sq.m. the same period in 2018 and 5,07 EUR / sq.m. for regional municipalities (increase 11,20% compared to 2018). End, rents in the rest of the county touching 3,45 EUR / sq.m. from 2,62 EUR / sq.m. the year before last.

Meanwhile, share of the pie of tourists and demanding the city hotels, which last year recorded an increase both in revenue per available room (to 55,23 euro, +4,3%) and the average room rate (+3,6%). "Nonetheless, Thessaloniki continues to occupy the last place, than others 10 European cities similar size (Antwerp, Birmingham, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Budapest, Hamburg, Manchester, Salzburg) και στα δύο αυτά ξενοδοχειακά μεγέθη», σημειώνει χαρακτηριστικά η εταιρία τουριστικών μελετών και ερευνών GBR Consulting, η οποία αντλεί τα στοιχεία της από τη μεγαλύτερη εταιρία στατιστικών ερευνών για ξενοδοχεία, namely, την STR Global (Hotel Data Worldwide). On the other side, μείωση κατέγραψαν οι διανυκτερεύσεις τόσο των κύριων εθνικοτήτων αλλοδαπών όσο και των Ελλήνων επισκεπτών, which, Nevertheless, «καλύπτεται» από τη μεγάλη αύξηση 22,65% των Ισραηλινών επισκεπτών.

«Κορεσμός» για το σύνολο της Ελλάδας

show signs of saturation in recent months the activity of short-term leases, the oversupply of housing, as reflected in the number of active ads, might have led to a reduction in the rates of profit of the owners in Greece.

According to the data of AirDna, presented at the recent BnB Guest Conference, our country has for more than vrachymisthosi 94.000 real estate, when the 2018 their number was just above the 76.000. "This is an increase, of his class 23,9%, which is not considered negligible ', comment competent sources.

In this context, τα έσοδα ανά διαθέσιμο δωμάτιο μειώθηκαν πέρυσι κατά 9,4% (to 43,46 euro 47,98 euros 2018), while equally moved downward and reservations (-15%). «Τα δεδομένα αυτά δεν είναι απαραίτητα άσχημα», σχολίασε σχετικά η κ. Trusler, προτρέποντας τους ιδιοκτήτες να δώσουν πιο επαγγελματικό προφίλ στις αναρτήσεις τους, προκειμένου να παραμείνουν μπροστά σε μία άκρως ανταγωνιστική αγορά.

Οσον αφορά στο κόστος διανυκτέρευσης, this, με βάση την AirDna, reached 112,48 euro 105,62 euro the immediately preceding year (increase 6,5%).
Από το ένθετο Οικονομία που κυκλοφορεί δωρεάν κάθε Κυριακή με την έντυπη έκδοση του Ελεύθερου Τύπου

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