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With international character of the Rhythmic AO. Mykonos

Feelings , experiences and beautiful moments both for the public who attended and to those who participated. Section Rhythmic Gymnastics AO. Mykonos played its own role, with the best possible way, thus winning good reviews and 6th place like club.

The rally was organized by the department of Rhythmic Gymnastics GS Ilioupoli, in the first closed Heliopolis gym 15 16 and 17 January (2016) with the support of the Greek Gymnastics Federation, the AESGA and PA.O.D.IL.

In this organization, they participated 180 gymnasts. More specifically 33 groups, 13 from Greece and Cyprus- of which and the section RG AG Mykonou- 20 from abroad : Egypt, M. Britain, Canada, murkiness, Denmark , Italy, Russia , Bulgaria, Belgium, Israel, Hungary, Turkey and Gibraltar.

So, Section Rhythmic Gymnastics AO. Mykonos has managed to stand out and leave his own mark in these competitions . Details of the names of the athletes racing department who represented Greece and Mykonos is : Oyrai Lona , ring Evangelia , Angeletaki Marousso, Psychogiou Katerina and no Maritina. Coach is Giakoumelos Katerina.

The positions of the gymnasts Rhythmic Gymnastics AO. Mykonos are as follows :

Tail Lona - Category Proagonistikou

1position - Program Ball

5place - Composite Singles

6place - Free Program

Ring Evangelia - Category Pankorasidon first year

2place - with wreath Program

6place - Composite Singles

11place - Free Program

Angeletaki Marousso -Category Girls

24place - with skittles Program

26position - Program Ball

27the position- Program with skipping ropes

43place - Composite Singles

Psychogiou Katerina -Category Girls

31place - with skipping ropes Program

33position - Program Ball

43place - with wreath Program

44the position- composite Individual

Kammi Maritina - Junior Category

25the position- Program with skipping ropes

28position -PROGRAMMES Ball

33place - with skittles Program

38place - Composite Singles

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