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With additional conditions, restrictions and monitoring process, the approval of the Regional Council in the lining of Mykonos

George Hadjimarkos: "In a bankrupt country, seeking investment and GDP, I will not adversely opinion and without legal and scientific documentation, in a totally lawful investment "……..

The Regional Council of South Aegean, during today's meeting favorable opinion on the Environmental Impact Study Strategy (SEA) the Special Plan of Spatial Development Strategic Investment (ESCHASE) on "Tourism Development in Mykonos" at "Karapetis" of the Municipality of Mykonos, after recommendation by the Environment Directorate of the Region and the District Officer and Authorized Apple Environment, Ellis Chorianopoulou.

The rationale of the Regional Council decision based on the fact that the decision on this matter, City Council Mykonos, not technical terms shields taking the Regional Council decision, after the recommendation of the Regional Council is a component of the material sent to the State Council.

The topic of discussion was this Napoleon August, Director General Strategic Investments Ministry of Economy - Development, who presented the investment.

The investment project 51 million, entitled to «The Mykonos Project» and provides the assembly development 95 private dwellings in multi Karapetis beach in Mykonos. This development will be a plot 60,32 acre, just above the Karapetis beach, which is on the east side of the peninsula that separates the Elia and Kalo Livadi beaches south of Ano Mera.

The complex will be developed as hotel unit 5 star, capacity 192 bender, with accompanying sports facilities, wellness center (spa), multiplex events and shops. Pre coastal front property proposed siting shelter yacht.

The proposal, says strategic environmental assessment, It is to exploit both the geographical characteristics of the field of 60,3 acres and features the particular Cycladic environment Mykonou and central idea of ​​the design is the placement of the rooms in provisions to create small neighborhoods, as of Mykonos Town.

The investment is also to create a high quality tourist complex that will include all the facilities and will be able to offer all the services which are considered ideal from travelers with high economic and social level. This is the second investment in Greece's investment vehicle AGC Equity Partners, which has acquired Astir Palace.

In positioning the, the Regional Director Stelios Bringos, He requested and was granted by the Regional Council:

Parallel with the adoption of the draft – after, as dictum, the rejection of a statutory plan could not be done without legal drafting and environmental documentation – Pressure on Government level to meet the needs of residents of Mykonos. particularly, asked ensure free access to beaches and intervention Spatial Tourism located under preparation in order to avoid uncontrolled environmental impact on the island.

The Region of South Aegean George Hadjimarkos, requesting the approval of the Environmental Impact Study Strategy ESCHASE of the investment, He said the following :

"My respect to A.’ degree of self-government It is granted and non-negotiable and in this light, I waited the Municipal Council of the Municipality of Mykonos to see the screen that it would give the Regional Council in order in turn to take his own decision unless other acceptable, concludes the Council of State. The political position of the negative opinion for carrying out consultation on the overall development model, not constitute technical terms but also politically correct attitude of the Regional Council. We are in a country that has long sends to the international investment community completely wrong messages, in a country that went bankrupt, in need of investment than any other time in history, it urgently needs GDP and jobs. In this case, We not were asked to express an opinion on whether to build or not a new hotel in Mykonos, as falsely spread lately, since it is secured by land building terms on which the investment is held. They The building codes that allow the construction of hotel unit, The "Karapetis" area, given previously by the participation of the Municipality of Mykonos and allow the construction of hotels or they prepare Spatial Development Perspective, or much worse, no. Την ώρα πουδιυλίζεταιένα επενδυτικό σχέδιο, that legal certainty has chosen the way of the Special Plan of Spatial Development, many other projects either developed or implemented without making no public debate on these. Our opinion, for a legal plan, It must be based on legal background, able to form the Council of State where he sent, conditions effective protection of the environment. And it did so by setting additional conditions, additional restrictions and intermediate control stages in the implementation process ".

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