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What we are passionate according to our horoscope!!

What we like a lot and we can not cut anything;

The findings of some recent studies on what delights every sign, they buy, what incredible hours stuck and what is not easy to stop…..

Some will seem your normal while others will surprise!


Fond of speed and independence, not surprising that his dream, το πάθος του κι η μεγάλη του αγάπη είναι μια μηχανή ή ένα γρήγορο αυτοκίνητο. Τα κάθε είδους εργαλεία έρχονται σε δεύτερη θέση καθώς και το γυμναστήριο.


It is itself the great food addiction Taurus. Although it is "faganos", αυτό που τον ξετρελαίνει και είναι δύσκολο να κόψει είναι τα γλυκά! Από τα λουκούμια, sweets and cakes to galaktoboureko, the tarts and pastries. also, οι γυναίκες του ζωδίου τα περισσότερα χρήματά τους τα δίνουν σε εσώρουχα.


Mobile phone! Κάθε Δίδυμος που σέβεται τον εαυτό του, You can not live without contact at any time. Sometimes two devices, one for business use and one for personal, while home wireless necessary!


As funny though heard, ο Καρκίνος είναι λάτρης του… πιτόγυρου. It is the only snack that deign to eat, although rather prefer the classic and not to be excluded ... okra. In all other cases, The home cooked food is the weakness of.


Είναι εθισμένος στο Instagram ή σε ανάλογο μέσω κοινωνικής δικτύωσης κι ανεβάζει συνεχώς selfie ή τι τρώει, what drinking, what a view from there is located or what bought. Μεγάλη λατρεία επίσης συγκεντρώνει κι ο καφές!


The organization and counting of everything is a virgin or a matter of life. The new ethismoseinai all applications of smartphones that measure, calculate and inform about everything, how many calories burned walking, what is the correspondence grams - liter, until (if you are a woman) When are your fertile days. Favored also remains the Google search looking mainly because symptoms and informed of possible diseases or vice versa (when grasping the arrostofovia of).


Stable value! Ρούχα, perfumes and cosmetics is the passion. The phrase "I do not what to put" in front of a huge and crowded closet, It said that it was said by Libra and not go to the supermarket or without aroma!


Although believed by many that the question "what are you addicted 'a Scorpio would answer" sex "however, both them and considers unthinkable not to have: τα μεγάλα μαύρα γυαλιά με κοκάλινο σκελετό και η σοκολάτα και όλα τα παράγωγά της (and that is in most cases prefers black).


Το πάθος του Τοξότη για τα ταξίδια ανταγωνίζεται αυτό για τα τυχερά παιχνίδια! Both are those for which scatters money. In the first case, hunting experiences in the second, his fortune. Though he has no money to meet his first love, then Google maps and street view is a consolation ...


And here there are two things we are fighting for the lead! Τα ρολόγια και το σπάνιο, καλό ουίσκι. Το ρολόι μάλλον είναι λογικό, after a Capricorn, as a child of Saturn, considers valuable time and he always checks the, the second is strange. Perhaps it is the "escape" and the rest finding after a hard day ...


Yes, ο λάτρης της τεχνολογίας και μέγας γκατζετάκιας Υδροχόος αγαπά πολύ τα social media και κυρίως του Facebook. Όχι για να ανεβάσει φωτογραφίες του, but to share ideas, the opinions, the positions of, even his reaction to a socio-political issue. The mere fact that it has the ability to make "friends" from almost all the world is for him unthinkable!


Pisces, beyond alcohol, who likes it releases, λατρεύει να αγοράζει και να φορά αξεσουάρ. Not so the jewelry but chic and very. scarves, scarf, hats, suspenders and bow ties. Considers unthinkable not to have any of this on it, depending on the season. It shows the artistic nature of the outfit.

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