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Medicane: New emergency bulletin from EMY!! "Janos" changes trajectory!! Live his course in the next few hours – Live image from the affected areas

New emergency bulletin from EMY!! The Mediterranean cyclone will follow a course to the South where it will "extinguish". Which course will follow…..

New data emerged from meteorological models in everything,as to the course followed by Mediterranean cyclone Janus, as well as according to the new data, or bad weather will move south and on Friday night will head to its area Crete, where it will begin to weaken.

As the meteorologist pointed out, Klearchos Marousakis, the bad weather in the next few hours will move inward Peloponnese and then will return to its west coast and to Ionian, while then it will head south and will not directly affect it Central Greece, the Attica and Euboea, which they will have however heavy rainfall, but will not be accompanied by them stormy winds of Janou.

So, in the following hours o Janus will continue to "bother" her West Greece, with the Ionian, the Ilia and Achaia to accept large amounts of water, which will possibly exceed 200-300 millimeters and strong winds will blow at the same time.

Live Map with its course "Janus" cyclone

New emergency bulletin from EMY

[Friday, 18 September 2020, 12:03]
EMY issued a new emergency bulletin of dangerous weather phenomena based on the latest meteorological data.


The manufacture (18-09-2020) showers and thunderstorms, which will be accompanied by very stormy winds will affect the Ionian islands – from Lefkada and further south – Peloponnese, Central Greece – mainly the central – and Evia. In the Ionian Islands the very intense weather phenomena will show a slight weakening towards the evening. In Attica the rains and storms will intensify at night and will be maintained with great intensities at intervals until noon on Saturday.. In the area of ​​Evia we will have intense phenomena during the night towards Saturday.


On Saturday (19-09-2020) will continue to affect the southern Ionian, the Peloponnese and eastern Sterea, while similar phenomena will occur in the Western Cyclades and Western Crete. The effects will weaken, from the afternoon in the Southern Ionian and the Eastern Sterea and from the evening in the Northern Peloponnese.


On Sunday (20-09-2020) strong phenomena will affect, until the early morning in the Southern Peloponnese and until the afternoon in Crete.

See Live image from the affected areas

The four maps with the possible course of the bad weather "Ianos", published by Mr.. Κολυδάς:

Friday, time 11:00 a.m.:

Friday, 09:00 p.m.:

Early Saturday morning:

Saturday noon:

Many problems during the night

Cyclone Janos has caused problems in Zakynthos. There is a power outage in several areas of the island while a sailboat sank in the port.

in Kefalonia and to Agia Efthymia The road has been cut and they have many trees fall. Overall they have become over 40 Firefighting interventions for water pumps and tree felling, but also for fallen power cables. In Agia Efthymia because of the big waves boats washed ashore, as the port was "severely attacked" by bad weather. OR Sami and Argostoli, have no electricity so far.

in Ithaca the mayor of the island, Dionysis Stanitsas said that there is a struggle to save boats in the port at deep. "We are trying to save houses that have lost their tiles. We have no electricity from them 3 dawn. We have major damage to the road network from fallen trees, there are shops that have been flooded ". "We have countless flood calls".

Moreover, moored sailing boat, flag of Switzerland, was swept away by strong winds and hit a rocky shore in the sea area of ​​Schinos, east of Ithaca. The two occupants of the boat disembarked on their own on the shore and are in good health. Strong winds are blowing in the sea area where the sailboat is located 8 Beaufort.

Instructions from the General Secretariat for Civil Protection

  1. Those in areas that have been flooded in the past or near rivers, in torrents or on shores, avoid staying underground, semi-basements and ground floors, especially when it is below sea level. Consider staying home and staying with relatives or friends for the two days of this bad weather..
  2. Avoid any unnecessary movement during severe weather conditions and secure your doors and windows tightly., always keeping in mind in case of torrents to move to the highest points of the house.
  3. Do not cross torrents for any reason, flooded streams or roads, pedestrians or by vehicle, if you are in this position. For no reason. In each case, follow the relevant announcements in the media and follow the instructions of the authorities.

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